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29 May 2011

The overnight viewing figures are in for 6.6: The Almost People.

The episode achieved a figure of 5.0m viewers, with an audience share of 24.4%.

Doctor Who was the second most-watched programme for Saturday, being beaten only by the UEFA Champions League Final with 7.9m viewers.

Final BARB ratings will be available within the next 10 days.

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[Source: Andy Parish]

28 May 2011

The Trailer for 6.7: A Good Man Goes To War is now online, and DWO have added the HD version below:

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[Source: BBC]

26 May 2011

It's been confirmed that Piers Wenger, one of Doctor Who's three executive producers, is leaving the BBC.

Piers succeeded Julie Gardner as Head of Drama for BBC Wales and shortly after became executive producer of Doctor Who, taking an active role in the casting of Matt Smith as the Doctor. He also served as executive producer on Doctor Who: The Adventure Games and Doctor Who Confidential. Away from the TARDIS he worked on Ashes to Ashes, Christopher and His Kind and the relaunch of Upstairs Downstairs.

In March 2010 Piers stepped down as Head of Drama but remained at BBC Wales where he continued as creative leader for a number of key shows, including the award-winning Eric and Ernie.

He commented, 'It is with great sadness that I say goodbye to Doctor Who and BBC Drama, and all of the extraordinary people who I have worked with there.' Piers is leaving the BBC to join Film4 and everyone in the Doctor Who team would like to wish him the very best of luck in his new role.

[Source: BBC Doctor Who website]

25 May 2011

Arthur Darvill took time out to talk to What’s On TV about playing Rory in Doctor Who and to fill them in on his latest adventure set in an acid mine. The second part of this Doctor Who story begins this Saturday with Rory in terrible danger as he looks for ‘ganger’ Jennifer in the monastery... 

Rory seems to have a bigger role in this series?

“Absolutely, he’s really part of the gang now. I think getting married and proving himself to everyone. Waiting 2000 years for Amy has helped his confidence. It hasn’t made him ‘Mr Total Confidence’ because I don’t think he’ll ever be that, but he definitely feels like he deserves to be there, and has a role to play and can help out with whatever adventure they have. There are still various tensions there, but he’s not still trying to work out what’s going on between the Doctor and Amy and the whole time travel thing. He’s got it now!”

Do you see him as a fully fledged companion this time then?

“Absolutely and his nursing skills have definitely come into play this time around. The Doctor finds him more useful now. Their relationship is growing and it’s a very complicated relationship, but they are getting quite close. They’re now good friends and can tell each other what they think, rather than Rory kind of shying away from that.”

Rory has quite a big part to play in this latest two-parter?

“This is quite a good adventure for Rory because he’s really at the point where he really wants to prove himself. Here he knows he’s useful and can help out. He really goes for it in these episodes. There’s a big war going on between the ‘gangers’ and people, and it’s really a battle of humanity. He sometimes thinks the Doctor gets swept away to solve a situation and forgets about individual people who are being hurt.”

This episode is a big one for Amy, is that right?

“Right I’m going to be very diplomatic about this. There are really things that up the stakes about how much danger they’re in, affecting each other, and how much danger the Doctor is putting Amy in. But Rory feels a responsibility to keep everyone safe. There’s the ending to end all endings in this episode. I’m not saying exactly what it is, but it’s a biggie! Saying that, there’s a terrific cliffhanger in the next story, in episode seven. You won’t want to miss that either.”

Have you got over having to sport a ponytail, like in the last series?

“I’d like Rory to cut himself a Mohican and travel back to the 1970s to the punk rock era. Everyone, friends and family, loved that ponytail! It was really attractive, wasn’t it?”

Were you ever a sci-fi fan before you joined Doctor Who?

“I was just a kid when Doctor Who was on before and caught the end of Silvester McCoy’s Doctor. I’ve now caught up on Tom Baker’s stories on DVD and they were brilliant - he’s the Doctor I really like. I do dip in and out of sci-fi stuff. I think Star Trek The Wrath of Khan is one of the best films ever made! And I did watch Masters Of The Universe the other day and that’s a classic.”

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[Source: What's On TV]


24 May 2011

A full trailer is now making the rounds for Torchwood: Miracle Day, and DWO has an HD version of it below:

+ Torchwood: Miracle Day airs in the UK and the USA on 8th July 2011.

[Source: Devan Edwards]

23 May 2011

The final BARB viewing figures are in for 6.4: The Doctor's Wife.

The episode achieved a final figure of 7.97m viewers, with an audience share of 34.7% (comparing to the 5.9m 28.5% Overnights). This is a time shift of +2.07m.

6.4: The Doctor's Wife also achieved an Appreciation Index rating of 87.

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[Source: Andy Parish]

22 May 2011

Steven Moffat and Mark Gatiss' Sherlock won in two categories at this year's BAFTAs.

Sherlock won the best Drama Series award, beating Being Human, Downton Abbey and Misfits. Martin Freeman also won under the Sherlock banner for best Supporting Actor.

Matt Smith sadly missed out on winning the Leading Actor award for his role as The Doctor in Doctor Who. Smith lost out to Daniel Rigby for his role in Eric and Ernie. Smith, however, is commended for being the first Doctor Who actor to be nominated for a BAFTA.

[Source: BAFTA]

22 May 2011

If you're a member of the many social networks available online, then you will be pleased to know that you can follow Doctor Who Online on two of the largest - Twitter and Facebook.

Our Twitter account was launched back in January 2009, and as of today, we are proud to have one of the largest Doctor Who followings with a whopping 21,000+ followers! Follow the DWO Twitter account for Spoiler-Free News and Reviews as they happen, as well as exclusive Doctor Who competitions, discussion, opinion and more.

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[Source: Doctor Who Online]

22 May 2011

The overnight viewing figures are in for 6.5: The Rebel Flesh.

The episode achieved a figure of 5.7m viewers, with an audience share of 29.3%.

Doctor Who was the second most-watched programme for Saturday, being beaten only by Britain's Got Talent with 10.0m viewers.

Final BARB ratings will be available within the next 10 days.

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[Source: Andy Parish]

22 May 2011

Half Moon Bay and PulpShop have released their tie-in merchandise for 6.5: The Rebel Flesh.

The merchandise range includes T-Shirts, Folder Bags and Mugs which you can view / purchase below:

Enlarge Image Enlarge Image

Enlarge Image Enlarge Image

Enlarge Image Enlarge Image

+  T-Shirts: £16.99 each. Folder Bags: £24.99 each. Mugs: £5.99 each.

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[Source: PulpShop]

22 May 2011

The BBC Doctor Who website have uploaded two new clips for 6.6: The Almost People:

[Source: BBC Doctor Who website]

21 May 2011

Tonight sees the airing of 6.5: The Rebel Flesh, part one of a two-part adventure directed by Julian Simpson. DWO recently caught up with the new series director who spared us some time for a quick interview:

The Rebel Flesh / The Almost People is your Doctor Who directional debut, were you a fan of the show before, and owing to the huge fan base, did you approach the job with any nerves or anxiety?

I was a huge fan when I was a kid, back in the Tom Baker days, but I have to confess to not being particularly taken with much of the "new" Who (despite my wife featuring as DiMaggio in "Dalek"!). The episodes that did really grab me, though, were those written by Steven Moffat (I know that sounds horribly crawly but it's true!) When Steven took over the show and Matt, Karen and Arthur were cast, DW suddenly became everything I'd hoped it could be and I was glued every Saturday night for the first season. 

I don't recall being particularly nervous about directing DW but I was acutely aware that, if I did a good job, there was a chance that this storyline could stay with some members of the audience for years, just as "City of Death" has always stayed with me. 

On the flipside of that, of course, was the constant nagging fear that I might screw it all up and be responsible for the most hated episodes in the show's history...

You've worked on other high profile shows such as Spooks, Hustle, Hotel Babylon and New Tricks. How does Doctor Who compare, and how do you find adapting to directing for the Science Fiction genre?

I wasn't conscious of having to adapt to Doctor Who, perhaps because I've always been such a huge sci-fi fan. If anything, I've had to adapt more to some of the shows you mention above. But directing is about telling a story clearly and with the right tone and style, really you should be able to turn your hand to any genre.

The art department on this season of Who, under designer Michael Pickwoad, is the best I've ever worked with and the sets and props they built for me were a constant source of inspiration. I'd like to steal the lot of them and force them to work with me forever.

Marcus Wilson was one of the great producers. He was incredibly supportive and, once we'd established that we liked the same movies and TV shows and had almost identical comic book collections, he gave me as much freedom as I've ever had to tell the story my way and in the style I thought was appropriate. Matthew Graham, the writer, gave us a great script full of brilliant ideas and scary moments and he and I also shared many of the same references, so it was a very happy collaboration.

There's no internal politics on Doctor Who, at least none that I was aware of. Steven, Piers, Beth and Marcus all just wanted to help Matthew and I do the best job we could. They're all incredibly ambitious for this show and want it to be the best it can possibly be and that creates a fantastically challenging and creative environment in which to work.

There's no getting away from it, this is a dark, creepy two-parter, with bags of atmosphere. Your use of shadows are particularly effective in achieving the mood of the stories. How difficult is it to get the desired effect and what are the pro's and con's of working with light in this kind of setting?

That's more a question for my brilliant Director of Photography, Balazs Bolygo, who is ultimately responsible for the lighting (and lack thereof) in these episodes. The look comes from the story; there's no way you could make this work if it looked like THX 1138.

We referenced the James Whale "Frankenstein" along with Alien3, Shutter Island, The Thing and a whole host of others.

It helped that most of this story was filmed on location in various castles in and around Cardiff. These places have a creepy atmosphere of their own and lend something to the atmosphere  that would have been very hard to fake. 

Much credit for the creepiness must also go to my editor, Jamie Pearson, who has the most uncanny talent for constructing sequences that just drip with atmosphere.

The stories rely on some pretty impressive make-up – both real and CGI. How challenging is it working with make-up in these mediums, and as the director, which do you think gives the overall greatest result?

I'd hate to have to choose; each is good for certain things. Once prosthetic make-up is applied, it's easy to shoot on over and over again and it bears greater close-up scrutiny than a lot of CGI work but if you look at a movie like Benjamin Button, there's no way Brad Pitt could have been aged so convincingly with physical make-up.

Within these two episodes, we've used a mix of make-up and CGI. Sometimes you'll be able to tell which is which but there are times where an actor might be wearing a prosthetic but we've used CGI to alter their eyes. The result is pretty seamless and we couldn't have done what we did without using both tools.

Finally, if you could have one round trip in the TARDIS, anywhere in time and space, where would you go and why?

I'm currently nursing an obsession with Charles Babbage and Ada Lovelace, the Victorian inventors who NEARLY built the first computer in the mid-nineteenth century. The world would be a very different place now if they had succeeded. My fascination grew from reading Sydney Padua's awesome webcomic detailing their adventures, which I heartily recommend to everyone. Anyway I'd love to visit them, show them an iPad, and tell them they're on the right track.

+  Post a Question to Julian Simpson in the DWO Forums Ask & Answer section.

+  To read more  ;DWO Interviews, check out the DWO Features section.

[Source: Doctor Who Online]


21 May 2011

BBC America has decided to delay the transmission of Episodes 6 & 7 of Series 6, due to expectations of low viewership over the Memorial Day weekend.

Instead, 6.6: The Almost People will air on 4th June and 6.7: A Good Man Goes To War will air on 11th June.

BBC America are planning to air a marathon of the Series 6 episodes so far on 28th May in place of the previously scheduled episode.

Despite the fact that DWO is 100% spoiler-free, we advise American fans to stay away from all online forums (including our own) to avoid plot details which will be available owing to the BBC airing of the episodes.

The Doctor Who Online website and forums have a zero tolerance to spoilers, but once episodes have transmitted in the UK, we open up full discussion in the forums. Speculation is of course welcomed, as we see it as healthy discussion of the show.

[Source: BBC America]

20 May 2011

There's a new chap in charge of SciFiNow Magazine, and guess what...he's a Doctor Who fan!

New Editor of SciFiNow Magazine, James Hoare, has been in touch with details on the latest issue of the magazine, but in a rather new and technological twist, we're going to be promoting the magazine in a slightly different way.

James has very kindly agreed to a blog swap, which will see members of the SciFiNow team guest blogging on the DWO Blog, and vice versa.

It's a fun exchange that will no doubt introduce new readers to both camps, as well as providing some interesting and (hopefully) amusing stories along the way.

+ Check Out SciFiNow's May 2011 Guest Blog on DWO.

[Source: Doctor Who Online]

19 May 2011

AudioGO have sent DWO the cover and details for the forthcoming CD release of The Eye of the Jungle.

The 11th Doctor, Amy and Rory find themselves embroiled in an adventure in the Amazon Rainforest, in this exciting original story.

It’s the early 1800s, and a pioneering naturalist is keen to capture a jaguar for London’s new zoological gardens. But soon the hunter has become the hunted, and a far higher grade of species has plans to prey on the human race...

+  The Eye Of The Jungle is released on 7th July 2011, priced £9.25.

+  Compare Prices for this product on CompareTheDalek.com!

[Source: AudioGO]

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