17 August 2013

As the 50th anniversary of Doctor Who moves ever closer, a brand new ultimate range of Doctor Who Micro Figures featuring all 11 incarnations of The Doctor has been released as part of the Character Building collection.

Each highly detailed and fully articulated micro-figure is sealed within a bag to keep the figure hidden, giving a surprise each time. Finding them all will be a challenge as some figures will be harder to find than others.

Within the new range, certain incarnations of the Time Lord will be classed as Rare, Super Rare or Ultra Rare.

Here’s what to look out for:

•  Rare - Tenth Doctor with just 500 pieces in circulation.
•  Super Rare
- Third and Fifth Doctor with only 250 pieces.
•  Ultra Rare
- Second and Eleventh Doctor with merely 100 pieces each to be found.

There are 11 micro-figures to collect, each with its own display base and collector’s leaflet highlighting all the characters available in this special series. Whether, Rare, Super Rare, Ultra Rare or one of the remaining six, these micro-figures will make treasured mementoes in a landmark year. The question is... Who will be the first to collect them all?

DWO's sister site, CompareTheDalek, has complete sets of all 11 Doctors from the 50th Anniversary series of Micro Figures, together with a Figure Selector Utility, to enable you to complete your collections from all the series to date. Click on the relevant links below.

+  Buy a complete set of all 11 Doctors from CompareTheDalek.com.
+  Complete your collection using the Figure Selector Utility

[Source: Character Options]


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