29 September 2011

Yesterday was a dark day for Doctor Who fans, as news came in about the cancellation of Doctor Who companion series, Doctor Who Confidential.

Since that news, all corners of the internet have come together to show their support by signing online petitions, tweeting and emailing their concerns to the BBC.

Some of the older fans are particularly passionate to this campaign due to poignant memories of the cancellation of Doctor Who back in 1989, and with even more fans of the show now, the question remains if enough support can actually save the companion show?

Details have emerged today that the BBC have received over 1,100 complaints regarding Doctor Who Confidential's cancellation, with confimation being posted on the show's official Facebook page.

This Saturday will be the last episode of Doctor Who Confidential for the forseeable future, but you can do your part to show your support for the show using any one (or all) of the options below:

+  Send a complaint to the BBC regarding the cancellation of Doctor Who Confidential!

+  Sign the online petition, which currently has over 15,000+ signatures!

+  Follow the @SaveDWC Twitter account!

There is no guarantee that any of the above will ensure the safety of the show, but any show of support is a step in the right direction. With enough fans on board, who knows what could happen?!

[Source: DWO]

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