22 March 2013

Legendary film Director, and friend to DWO, Peter Jackson, has reignited hope that he may one day direct a Doctor Who episode.

Speaking to Entertainment Weekly, Jackson had the following to say regarding the possibility of directing an upcoming episode:

"They don’t even have to pay me, but I have got my eye on one of those nice new gold-colored Daleks. They must have a spare one (hint, hint).”

EW asked showrunner, Steven Moffat, about the offer, but he declined to comment on whether the Doctor Who budget could accommodate Jackson’s request:

“You’d never get any information like that out of me!” Moffat said, tongue planted in cheek. Speaking more seriously, he was open to the idea of Jackson directing an episode of the show:

“We’re theoretically on board for anything, provided we’ve got a great story.”

Entertainment Weekly are running two collectible Doctor Who covers (pictured-right) for this week's issue, including interviews with Steven Moffat, and essay written by Peter Jackson on his love for Doctor Who, and a guide to all 11 Doctors.

Below is the promo text for the issue:

What is it with legendary British pop culture icons celebrating their fiftieth anniversaries? Who knows — and “Who” is exactly the right word. In 2012 both the Rolling Stones and the Bond movies turned 50 and this year it is the turn of British science fiction show Doctor Who (yes, we know the Doctor is actually much older than 50, but let’s not get into that right now). To mark the occasion, this week’s issue of Entertainment Weekly offers a choice of two collectible covers — one featuring Matt Smith’s Doctor, Jenna Louise-Coleman’s new “companion” Clara, and a Dalek and the other boasting Smith and a Cyberman, who will be among the monsters our time-traveling hero battles in the half-season of eight new Doctor Who shows which BBC America will premiere on March 30 at 8p.m. ET.

That, however, is just the tip of the celebratory Who-berg — the flashing light atop the Doctor’s time- and spacecraft the TARDIS, if you will. For our Doctor Who cover story we visited the show on location in Wales, grilled executive producer Steven Moffat about the upcoming episodes and the 50th anniversary special, which is being broadcast this fall, and luncheoned in Manhattan with Smith. In our Who package you’ll also find a breakdown of all 11 Doctors and, perhaps best of all, an essay by Peter Jackson in which the Lord of the Rings director recounts his Who-love and announces his price for directing an episode. You’ll think the magazine is, well, bigger on the inside…

[Source: Entertainment Weekly]

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