9 March 2014

The man who put The Doctor aboard a cursed pirate ship and took us to parts of the TARDIS we’d never seen before has been confirmed as a writer on the forthcoming 8th series of Doctor Who.

Steve Thompson will write the as-yet-unnamed fifth episode of the series to be shown later this year (which DWO believe *could* be titled Time Heist).

It’s the third time the writer has penned a Doctor Who story, following last year’s Journey To The Centre of the TARDIS and 2011’s pirate adventure The Curse of the Black Spot.

Steve Thompson has also provided scripts for BBC1’s Sherlock such as The Blind Banker, series two finale The Reichenbach Fall and The Sign of Three which was broadcast in January.

Filming is underway on Peter Capaldi’s first series as The Doctor. He’ll be joined by Jenna Coleman as Clara and a new recurring character, Danny Pink played by Samuel Anderson

The new series, to be screened on BBC1, will also feature episodes by lead writer and series producer Steven Moffat.

+  Series 8 of Doctor Who will air in August / Early September 2014.

[Source: BBC Doctor Who Website]

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