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13 May 2013

Owing to a BBC America Distribution error, some American customers are reporting that their copies of the Series 7 Part 2 Blu-ray box-set has turned up early - before the finale has even been televised.

The news has prompted Twitter statements by the BBC, rightfully urging fans to keep the secrets of the finale until after broadcast:

The tweets promise a treat for fans if they remain vigilant, in the form of a special video featuring Matt Smith and David Tennant.

There is a chance that the episode could leak onto torrent sites, and DWO would just like to echo the BBC's words of helping to keep the spoilers off the internet.

If you are given any information regarding torrents or sharing of details from 'The Name Of The Doctor', please contact the BBC at: thedoctor@bbc.co.uk

[Source: BBC]

13 May 2013

Speaking to RedCarpetNewsTV at this year's BAFTA awards event, Steven Moffat talked about the tribute and refused to be drawn on specifics about the 50th Anniversary Doctor Who special.

Moffat, who can be seen in the interview view below, also added:

"Oh, I love you all, Doctor Who fans, but honestly, now and then, don't believe everything you hear or don't hear." 

[Source: RedCarpetNewsTV]

12 May 2013

The overnight viewing figures are in for 7.12: Nightmare In Silver.

The episode achieved a figure of 4.7m viewers, with an audience share of 21.4%, and Doctor Who was the fourth most-watched programme for Saturday, once again Doctor Who won its time slot for the evening.

it is worth noting that Doctor Who was up against the FA Cup Final on ITV1, so the 4.7m figure is a respectable one.

Top Overnights - Saturday 11th May:

1 - 10.9m - Britain's Got Talent - ITV1 (Includes +1)
2 - 7.4m - The Voice - BBC One 
3 - 4.7m - Doctor Who - BBC One 

Final BARB ratings will be available within the next 10 days.

Series 7 Part 2 Final BARB Ratings roundup:

7.6: The Bells Of Saint John = 8.44m
7.7: The Rings Of Akhaten = 7.45m
7.8: Cold War = 7.37m 
7.9: Hide = 6.61m
7.10: Journey To The Centre Of The TARDIS = 6.50m
+  What did you think of the episode? Rate / Discuss in the DWO Forums!

[Source: Paul Clough]

5 May 2013

The overnight viewing figures are in for 7.11: The Crimson Horror.

The episode achieved a figure of 4.61m viewers, with an audience share of 25.2%, and Doctor Who was the third most-watched programme for Saturday, once again winning its time-slot for the evening.

Top Overnights - Saturday 4th May:

1 - 10.13m - Britain's Got Talent - ITV1 (Includes +1)
2 - 7.99m - The Voice - BBC One 
3 - 4.61m - Doctor Who - BBC One

Final BARB ratings will be available within the next 10 days.

Series 7 Part 2 Final BARB Ratings roundup:

7.6: The Bells Of Saint John = 8.44m
7.7: The Rings Of Akhaten = 7.45m
7.8: Cold War = 7.37m 
7.9: Hide = 6.61m

+  What did you think of the episode? Rate / Discuss in the DWO Forums!

[Source: Andy Parish]

4 May 2013

DWO’s spoiler-free preview of episode 7.12 Nightmare in Silver:

When The Doctor takes Clara, Artie, and Angie to Hedgewick’s World of Wonders, the greatest theme park in the galaxy, they find themselves in a run-down world, where a group of soldiers stand guard, and the only attraction is a shabby collection of ‘wonders’ from across the stars. But the time travellers aren’t the only visitors to this world. Unusual insects climb the walls, relaying data to ensure the re-emergence of the Cyberiad… 

It may seem like an odd decision to pit The Doctor against The Cybermen in the penultimate episodes of both the Sixth and Seventh series, but the role they play in events are wildly different between the two stories. Whereas 2011’s Closing Time features a group of tin soldiers who were on their last legs, Nightmare in Silver is very much about looking to the future, and creating the next phase of The Cybermen. 

Writer Neil Gaiman recently commented that he was asked to write the episode with a brief to make The Cybermen scary again:

"I thought, 'Let me see what I can do when I take the 1960s Cybermen and [incorporate] everything that's happened since'. So that's what I'm trying to do. I don't know if it will work."

We're pleased to report that not only does it work, but it works brilliantly. The episode is littered with references to the Cybermen’s past - with design elements from The Tomb of the Cybermen bleeding through into the new design of a Cyber-ship, to references concerning the creatures’ previous allergies and leaders. For a fan of the 20th century version of Doctor Who, this episode is a real treasure trove. 

The Cybermen themselves have had a complete design overhaul, too, which makes them more streamlined that the version the programme has used since 2006. This new design takes in elements from the earliest versions of the creatures, while fully updating them to look sleek and modern. The design also brings with it some new forms of attack, and takes the opportunity to re-appropriate the idea of a Cyberman ‘upgrade’.

But the new-look Cybermen aren’t Nightmare in Silver’s only big draw. The episode boasts a fantastic cast, including Jason Watkins (best known for his role as vampire leader Herrick in Being Human), and a long-overdue appearance in the series for Warwick Davis, Who shines in the role of ‘Porridge’. 

As ever, the episode allows plenty of time to showcase its two lead stars, even giving Matt Smith plenty of time to share the screen with himself, as he battles with the impending threat of a cyber-war. Jenna-Louise Coleman gets to show us what Clara is really made of, when The Doctor leaves her in charge of a platoon of soldiers with two simple instructions - stay alive, and don’t let anyone blow up the planet.

Stephen Woolfenden makes his directorial debut for Doctor Who with this episode, having worked as a second unit director on four of the Harry Potter films, and as a First Assistant Director on Gaiman’s Neverwhere in the 1990s. He brings a bold new look to the series with this episode, and it’s hard not to get swept up in the epic style of the episode. 

Speaking of Nightmare in Silver at the MCM Expo Comic Con in London last year, Matt Smith predicted that the episode would be a ‘fan’s favourite’, and we don’t think he’s going to be wrong!

Five things to look out for...

1) It’s not the Moon.

2) “We all know there are no more living Cybermen…”

3) The Doctor encounters the 699th Wonder of the World.

4) Time Lords invented chess.

5) Nobody needs rescuing from anything. 

[Sources: DWOWill Brooks]

30 April 2013

BBC Cymru Wales has announced that Brian Minchin is to be the new Executive Producer of Doctor Who, alongside showrunner Steven Moffat.

Brian Minchin is an Executive Producer in BBC Wales drama, currently working on The Game, a new Cold War spy thriller from Toby Whithouse for BBC One, and Wizards Vs Aliens, Russell T Davies’ hit show for CBBC. He has also worked as BBC Executive Producer on Dirk Gently and Being Human.

Brian produced the RTS award-winning and BAFTA nominated series The Sarah Jane Adventures, as well as the UK sections of Torchwood: Miracle Day and was Assistant Producer on Torchwood: Children of Earth.

Brian, who grew up in Aberystwyth, joined the department in Cardiff in 2005 as a Script Editor working on BBC One Wales drama Belonging, before moving on to network dramas Doctor Who and Torchwood in the same role.

Brian says:

“I'm thrilled and excited to be joining Steven Moffat on a show that has meant so much to me over the years. I've watched in awe as Steven has taken Doctor Who to wild and imaginative places and I can't wait to get started on many more adventures with the Doctor.”

Faith Penhale, Head of Drama Wales, says:

“I've no doubt Doctor Who will enjoy a very exciting time with Brian at the helm working alongside Steven. Since joining BBC Wales in 2005, he’s proved he has a fantastic eye for story and a sharp awareness of what makes a drama like Doctor Who unmissable."

Steven Moffat, Lead Writer and Executive Producer, adds:

"When I first took over Doctor Who, Brian was there as script editor, and in the most difficult time of a new Doctor and a new era, was completely brilliant. We lost him to producing The Sarah Jane Adventures at the end of our first run. Rising talent keeps rising, is how I comforted myself back then - but now I am beyond happy that Brian has risen all the way back to Doctor Who, in his new role of Executive Producer. I look forward to getting hopelessly lost in space and time with him."

Brian will start in his new role with immediate effect.

[Source: BBC Press Office]

28 April 2013

The overnight viewing figures are in for 7.10: Journey To The Centre Of The TARDIS.

The episode achieved a figure of 4.9m viewers, with an audience share of 26.68%, and Doctor Who was the third most-watched programme for Saturday, once again winning its time-slot for the evening.

Top Overnights - Saturday 27th April:

1 - 9.3m - Britain's Got Talent - ITV1 (Includes +1)
2 - 7.9m - The Voice - BBC One 
3 - 4.9m - Doctor Who - BBC One

Final BARB ratings will be available within the next 10 days.

Series 7 Part 2 Final BARB Ratings roundup:

7.6: The Bells Of Saint John = 8.44m
7.7: The Rings Of Akhaten = 7.45m
7.8: Cold War = 7.37m 
7.9: Hide = 6.61m

+  What did you think of the episode? Rate / Discuss in the DWO Forums!

[Source: Andy Parish]

27 April 2013

DWO’s spoiler-free preview of episode 7.11 The Crimson Horror:

“When the end of days is come, and judgement rains down upon us all...”

When Madame Vastra, Jenny, and Strax are alerted to a spate of strange deaths in the north of England, it’s the last sight of a dead man that grabs their attentions. Sweetville has been established as a place for people to come and repent, opting for a chance to be saved from the coming apocalypse. But there’s something sinister at the heart of this ‘perfect’ community, and the Paternoster Row team aren’t the only ones intrigued by the mystery of Mrs Gillyflower and her ‘silent partner’, Mr Sweet... 

Having made such a hit as a team in The Snowmen last Christmas, the return of Vastra, Jenny, and Strax has been one of the most anticipated points of the 2013 series. Thankfully, Mark Gatiss’ The Crimson Horror does not disappoint. 

The story in places almost serves as a ‘Doctor-lite’ episode, with much of the early focus of the episode being squarely on the guest cast. We almost open mid-story for the Doctor and Clara, and discover the secrets of Sweetville through the eyes of our returning heroes, as they make their way deeper into the sinister new mill, uncovering secrets as they go. Vastra’s advice of how to find the Doctor - to ignore any ‘keep out’ sign, and actively look for danger - is fitting, and it’s wonderful to see these characters given room to breathe. 

The stand out has to be Dan Starkey, returning as Strax for a third time. As during the christmas episode, the character is played purely for comic relief, but all his humour hits just the right spot. The more we see of the trio together, the more we’re desperate for them to front their own spin-off series. This episode seems to perfectly showcase that they could carry it off, with mysteries being brought to their attention, ready to be investigated. 

The other major guest stars for The Crimson Horror come in the form of Diana Rigg and her daughter Rachel Stirling. They play mother and daughter in the episode, too, with Rigg taking on the part of Mrs Gillyflower, owner of the new Sweetville Mill, and her blind daughter, Ada. The pair are fantastic casting and really set the screen alight when they share it.

The direction of the episode, by Saul Metzstein (who also directed our unusual Victorian investigators last Christmas), is as fantastic as we’ve come to expect from him, and there’s an interesting use of flashbacks to catch us up with the story when needed. 

The only question now... when will Vastra, Jenny, and Strax be getting their own spin-off?

Five things to look out for...

1) “Did you think I’d forgotten you, dear monster?”

2) “Just when you think your favourite lock-picking Victorian chamber maid will never turn up!”

3) “Brave heart, Clara...”

4) “Horse! You have failed in your mission!”

5) “I’m the Doctor, you’re nuts, and I’m going to stop you.

[Sources: DWOWill Brooks]

25 April 2013

The BBC Press Office has confirmed the synopsis for Neil Gaiman's Doctor Who episode; '7.12: Nightmare In Silver'.

712: Nightmare in Silver
By Neil Gaiman

Hedgewick’s World of Wonders was once the greatest theme park in the galaxy, but it’s now the dilapidated home to a shabby showman, a chess-playing dwarf and a dysfunctional army platoon.

When the Doctor, Clara, Artie and Angie arrive, the last thing they expect is the re-emergence of one of the Doctor’s oldest foes. The Cybermen are back!

[Source: BBC Press Office]

21 April 2013

The overnight viewing figures are in for 7.9: Hide.

The episode achieved a figure of 5.0m viewers, with an audience share of 24.5%, and Doctor Who was the third most-watched programme for Saturday, once again winning its time-slot for the evening.

Top Overnights - Saturday 20th April:

1 - 10.3m - Britain's Got Talent - ITV1 (Includes +1)
2 - 7.9m - The Voice - BBC One 
3 - 5.0m - Doctor Who - BBC One

Final BARB ratings will be available within the next 10 days.

Series 7 Part 2 Final BARB Ratings roundup:

7.6: The Bells Of Saint John = 8.44m
7.7: The Rings Of Akhaten = 7.45m

+  What did you think of the episode? Rate / Discuss in the DWO Forums!

[Source: Andy Parish]

20 April 2013

DWO’s spoiler-free preview of episode 7.10 Journey to the Centre of the TARDIS:

When the TARDIS is dragged aboard a salvage vessel and begins leaking time, the Doctor and the Van Baalen brothers must fight through the labyrinthine corridors of his ship to find Clara before the ship can explode. But they're not alone, and something sinister is stalking them through the TARDIS, angry, and ready to attack... 

It’s safe to say that Stephen Thompson’s contribution to Series Seven, Journey to the Centre of the TARDIS has been one of the more hotly anticipated moments of the 2013 run. The title alone promises so much, and after years of fans clamouring to see more of the TARDIS interior, this is the opportunity to deliver. 

In the most recent issue of Doctor Who Magazine, Thompson says that showrunner Steven Moffat felt ‘duty bound to atone for’ 1978’s The Invasion of Time, the last story to take us deep into the TARDIS’ many winding corridors. Industrial action taken during the production of that story meant that the TARDIS interior had to mostly be filmed on location in an old Victorian hospital - perhaps not exactly the way the production team, or the audience, expected the ship to look. 

Journey takes the brief to make up for that story and really runs with it, giving us more to see of the Doctor’s machine than ever before. It would take a whole season (or several!) to see every room the ship has to offer, but the ones we catch sight of here are sure not to disappoint. There’s an appearances for both the library and the swimming pool (though, sadly, neither is inside the other), alongside some less-well known rooms, too. 

The design of the whole ship has clearly been the subject of an enormous amount of effort, and praise must be given to all involved, from the art department through to the set decorators, who’ve really pulled out all the stops to get this to screen. It’s everything you could possibly want to see from the TARDIS interior. Director Mat King guides us expertly through the many levels of the ship, managing to show us the beauty and the terror of the TARDIS at every turn. 

Tapping the cast together in a confined space (it it’s fair to call the ship that) means that we get to confront some of this season’s on-going story arcs head on. The Doctor has been trying to solve Clara’s mystery for some time, now, and the cracks are starting to show. The dynamic between Matt Smith’s Doctor and Jenna-Louise Coleman’s Clara continues to develop in interesting new ways, and the distrust between the pair reaches boiling point when subjected to this kind of pressure. Both of our regulars shine as bright as ever - it’s electrifying to watch them share the screen. 

Journey to the Centre of the TARDIS, with many nods to the history of Doctor Who, and many hits as to what may be yet to come in the remainder of Season Seven is sure to be a fan pleaser, and is definitely one of the gems of this era of the programme.

Five things to look out for...

1) “You’re like one of those guys who can’t go out with a girl unless his mother approves”

2) ‘The History of the Time War’

3) It’s rude to whisper.

4) Lancashire, South.

5) “You call yourself ‘Doctor’. Why do you do that? You’ve got a name. I saw it..."

DWO; Will Brooks]

18 April 2013

BBC Pictures have sent DWO the promo posters for Doctor Who Episodes 7.10: Journey To The Centre Of The TARDIS, 7.11: The Crimson Horror7.12: Nightmare In Silver & 7.13: The Name Of The Doctor.

The poster can be viewed to the right. Below are the synopsis' for the episodes:

7.10: Journey To The Centre Of The TARDIS
by Stephen Thompson

A spaceship salvage team drags the TARDIS on board, sending its systems into meltdown.

As the Doctor marshals the motley salvage crew outside, he realises Clara is still trapped within his malfunctioning ship, pursued by a dangerous group of ossified monsters. He has just 30 minutes to find Clara and save his TARDIS before it self-destructs.

7.11: The Crimson Horror
by Mark Gatiss

There’s something very odd about Mrs Gillyflower’s Sweetville mill, with its perfectly clean streets and beautiful people.

There’s something even stranger about the bodies washing up in the river, all bright red and waxy. When the Doctor and Clara go missing, it’s up to Vastra, Jenny and Strax to rescue them before they too fall victim to the Crimson Horror!

7.12: Nightmare In Silver
by Neil Gaiman

Hedgewick's World of Wonders: the perfect theme park day out - and ground zero for a deadly silver resurrection.

7.13: The Name Of The Doctor
by Steven Moffat

Someone is kidnapping the Doctor's friends, leading him towards the one place in all of time and space that he should never go.

The trailer for the next epsiode 7.9: Hide, can be viewed below:

Check Out DWO's Guide to Series 7 Part 2, below:

 W = Written By / D = Directed By:

7.6: The Bells Of Saint John - [W: Steven Moffat / D: Colm McCarthy]
7.7: The Rings of Akhaten - [W: Neil Cross / D: Farren Blackburn]
7.8: Cold War - [W: Mark Gatiss / D: Douglas Mackinnon]
7.9: Hide - [W: Neil Cross / D: Jamie Payne]
7.10: Journey To The Centre Of The TARDIS - [W: Stephen Thompson / D: Mat King]
7.11: The Crimson Horror - [W: Mark Gatiss / D: Saul Metzstein]
7.12: Nightmare In Silver - [W: Neil Gaiman / D: Stephen Wolfenden]
7.13: The Name Of The Doctor - [W: Steven Moffat / D: Saul Metzstein]

[Source: BBC Pictures]

14 April 2013

The overnight viewing figures are in for 7.8: Cold War.

The episode achieved a figure of 5.7m viewers, with an audience share of 26.4%, and Doctor Who was the third most-watched programme for Saturday, winning its time-slot for the evening.

Top Overnights - Saturday 13th April:

1 - 10.5m - Britain's Got Talent - ITV1
2 - 6.7m - The Voice - BBC One 
3 - 5.7m - Doctor Who - BBC One

Final BARB ratings will be available within the next 10 days.

+  What did you think of the episode? Rate / Discuss in the DWO Forums!

[Source: Andy Parish]

13 April 2013

DWO’s spoiler-free preview of episode 7.9 Hide:

Legends exist throughout time about the ‘Ghast of Caliburn House’ - a spectral figure caught in a moment of abject fear and terror stalking the halls of the house. The house has stood for 400 years, but the ghost is far older than that. She’s held many names over the centuries, and now the Doctor has arrived to solve her mystery. 

For the first half of its running time, Hide is part Ghost Stories for Christmas and part Most Haunted, as the Doctor and Clara team up with Professor Alec Palmer (Dougray Scott) and Empathic Psychic Emma Grayling (Jessica Raine) for a night in the house in November 1974. Palmer and Grayling, along with the Doctor and Clara, carry the weight of much of the episode, while the four of them hunt the ghost through the halls of the house. 

It’s in this part of the story that the episode really sings, building up a nice amount of traditional ghost story terror, and providing plenty of opportunities to make you jump. It also gives us another great chance to see Matt Smith and Jenna-Louise Coleman sharing the screen. The pair of them continue to work well together - it’s telling that while this was the first episode shot with the current version of Clara, the two feel like they’ve been travelling for a while. 

Clara’s continuing to find her feet throughout this episode: she’s not as sure about time travel as some of the Doctor’s other companions have been. Hide plays with the slightly interesting idea that the Doctor and Clara don’t really trust each other, but that they just get on with the adventure - having an empath around certainly allows each of them to be given a few clues about the other. 

Once the story has moved on from the early ghost story feeling and starts to reach outside the confines of the house it somewhat loses its atmosphere, and risks becoming A. N. Other Doctor Who adventure. Though the series has often gone out of its way to find a more scientific explanation for supernatural phenomena, the interesting idea behind this ghost seems to get a bit lost during translation to the screen, leaving the latter half of the episode less interesting than the set-up.

There’s plenty to love throughout the tale, though, including some fantastic direction from series newcomer Jamie Payne throughout, whose style is a perfect fit for a ghost story. This, coupled with the iconic ‘haunted house’ look of Hide really is one of the highlights.

Five things to look out for...

1) “It’s 1974 - you’re the assistant

2) Ignorance is Carlisle.

3) A blue crystal from Metebilis III plays a vital role.

4) Whiskey is the 11th most disgusting thing ever invented. 

5) “Birds do it, bees do it, even educated fleas do it!”

[Sources: DWOWill Brooks]

9 April 2013

The BBC have put together an official location report video from the recent filming in London for the Doctor Who 50th Anniversary Special.

Watch the Doctor Who location report video with Jenna-Louise Coleman, Jemma Redgrave and Ingrid Oliver, below:

The video confirms the as-yet unannounced casting of Ingrid Oliver.

UPDATE - Tuesday 9th April @ 1:00PM

Londoners were treated to the sight of a flying TARDIS swooping over Trafalgar Square this morning as Matt Smith and the team were in town shooting more scenes for the Doctor Who 50th Anniversary Special.

It was an early start for Matt Smith (The Doctor), Jenna-Louise Coleman (Clara), director Nick Hurran and the rest of the cast and crew but judging by the smiles it was worth it. At one point the famous blue box was suspended over Trafalgar Square with Jenna-Louise Coleman inside, peering out across the capital whilst the next moment saw another figure – looking like The Doctor – dangling from the TARDIS as it was suspended way above ground level!

The BBC have included a promotional image from today's shoot (pictured-right), and a promotional video below:

+  The 50th Anniversary Special is due to air on 23rd November 2013.

[Source: BBC Doctor Who website]

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