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4 August 2015

Our friend Martin Johnson over at EverybodyElse Productions has been in touch with details on his new Kickstarter campaign for an exciting new SciFi audio drama.

H. G. Wells’ famous novel The War of the Worlds has been adapted many times in various forms. However, none of these adaptations have been truly faithful to the original story.

Everybodyelse Productions has launched an exciting new Kickstarter campaign, running from 1st August 2015 - 5th September 2015, with the hope of bringing the original novel to life as a cinematic audio drama that promises to be faithful to the source material. Keeping the Victorian setting of southern England, this adaptation will retain the dark, scary and often horrific elements of the story that sets it apart from all previous adaptations.

The 2-hour full-cast audio drama production of H. G. Wells’ The Coming of the Martians, to be directed by Big Finish stalwart Lisa Bowerman and adapted on audio by Nick Scovell, will be produced in 5.1 surround sound with Dolby Pro Logic II surround sound encoded stereo for the CD and digital releases.

Martin Johnson, Producer of The Coming of the Martians comments:

“It has been a life-long dream of both myself and Nick to bring the original alien invasion story to life in a way it has never been done before. There is a huge audience out there just waiting to hear the spine-chilling Fighting Machines stride over them in a realistic, atmospheric soundscape and experience Victorian artillerymen battle these giant metal tripods on the river like never before. We aim to create this unique surround sound production utilising best the audio format has to offer. No silly voices, no cartoon style zaps and certainly no singing.”

Script Writer Nick Scovell adds:

“No updating, no switching continents, no re-imagining - this will be the real deal! H. G. Wells’ terrifying vision of the collapse of civilization is coming to life as he envisaged it.

Director Lisa Bowerman says:

“When it comes to the story of The War of the Worlds there’s quite a legacy of previous adaptations, most famously the Orson Wells radio adaptation back in the 1930’s. What makes this particular adaptation different is that we’re going back to the original source material, bringing in the terrifying darker elements that the novel is famous for.”            

If successfully funded, the production will be released to backers in January 2017, when EU copyright on the novel expires, and to the general public shortly after.

+  Help Fund this project at Kickstarter!

[Source: EverybodyElse Productions]

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