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16 May 2011

Character Options have sent DWO details for Wave 1 of the 2011 5" Doctor Who Action Figures.

Re create scenes from Doctor Who with these incredibly detailed fully articulated 5-inch action figures. Characters include the Eleventh Doctor and key villains from the hit TV show. Styles may vary. One supplied. For ages 5 years and over.

Wave 1 includes the following figures:

- Nephew Ood

- The Doctor in Stetson

- Amelia Pond

- Silent (Mouth Open)

- Silent (Mouth Closed)

+  The 2011 Doctor Who Action Figures - Wave 1 range is released on 16th June 2011, priced £9.99 each.

+  Preorder now from Forbidden Planet for just £8.99 each (Save 10%).

[Source: Character Options]


Comments (1) -

Denise Rooney
6/18/2011 11:42:20 AM #

Does an action figure of Prisoner 098 ( from the time of the 8th Doctor) exist? If so, where can I purchase one from?
Big Thanks
Denise Rooney

Yesbet88 Casino United States
3/2/2020 6:42:52 AM #

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