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10 February 2012

Doctor Who DVD Producer, 2|entertain have been in touch to let us know they have now integrated with BBC Worldwide - and changed their name.

The company will now be known as BBC Worldwide Consumer Products (a bit of a mouthful, we know), but we are informed the changes shouldn't affect the Doctor Who DVD range too much. Below are the full details we have received:

We wanted to let you know that we've recently changed the name of our DVD business and we're no longer going to be calling ourselves 2|entertain. This is all part of the full integration with BBC Worldwide and we're now part of a division called Consumer Products which brings together all our DVDs, our download business and also all the licensed product that you see on brands like Doctor Who.

You will start to see different labelling on product and from the Spring, the 2|entertain label will disappear from Doctor Who DVDs. The reverse sleeve will remain as it is now with the old 'BBC' logo so you can match each release with your collection. You will also see our press information come labelled 'BBC Worldwide' instead of '2|entertain'.

Doctor Who remains, as ever, an incredibly important property to us and we'll be continuing to bring you a extensive range of great quality Classic Doctor Who DVDs. The name change will not affect the quality of the restoration or the extras which we're excited to be able to bring to fans on DVD throughout the year. 

[Source: BBC Worldwide Consumer Products]

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