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8 August 2013

Character Options have sent DWO details of the upcoming Doctor Who 50th Anniversary 12" British Icon Dalek.

Doctor Who 12-inch British Icon Dalek

This ultimate Doctor Who collectable 12-inch Dalek has been produced exclusively in Doctor Who’s 50th anniversary year. Beautifully displayed in the Union Flag, it celebrates the Daleks as a British icon and is ideal gift for all Doctor Who fans.

This limited 50th anniversary edition free-wheeling Dalek features poseable arm, head and eye. Also includes 8 Dalek phrases with lights and sound FX.

The Daleks were created by the Kaled scientist, Davros as travel machines. He had deduced that the years of radiation and chemical poisoning from an ongoing war would lead his race to mutate into immobile organisms. The Dalek travel machines would house these creatures and allow the Kaleds to survive. However, in the course of his experiments, Davros deliberately removed what he considered to be debilitating emotions from the mutants and a force of evil was spawned! Requires 4 AA Batteries. For ages 5 years and over. 

8 Dalek Phrases include;

•  Seek, Locate, Annihilate
•  Seek, Locate, Destroy
•  You will obey the Daleks, obey, obey!!
•  Halt or you will be Exterminated!
•  You are an enemy of the Daleks!
•  We are the Supreme Beings
•  Exterminate! Exterminate! Exterminate! + Gun SFX
•  Exterminate! + Gun SFX

+  The '50th Anniversary 12" British Icon Dalek' is released Late August, priced £39.99.

+  Order this product from Forbidden Planet for just £35.79!

[Source: Character Options]


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