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3 January 2012

The final BARB viewing figures are in for 6.14: The Doctor, The Widow and The Wardrobe.

The episode achieved a final figure of 10.77m viewers, with an audience share of 37.3%. This is compared to the overnight's which reached 8.9m viewers, with an audience share of 34.2%, meaning a total time shift of +1.87m viewers.

Doctor Who came third for the highest TV ratings for Christmas Day:

01 - Downton Abbey - 11.60m (34.4%)

02 - EastEnders - 11.33m (32.4%)

03 - Doctor Who - 10.77m (37.3%)

Figures do not include BBC iPlayer downloads for this episode.

The episode also achieved an AI score of 84.

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[Source: Andy Parish]

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