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30 May 2018

Anoraks is a Nerd web sitcom. The first season saw the adventures of the three Men Behaving Sadly featuring Big Finish actor Seán Carlsen and cameos from Doctor Who actors Anneke Wills and Terry Molloy. Season Two is in pre-production and the Anoraks team need your help with our Indiegogo campaign! 

They are all fans themselves, so have first-hand knowledge of how warm, passionate, and often-times how ridiculous, self-obsessed yet warm, welcoming and creative fandom can be.


Series two sees the addition of a new cast member in the form of acclaimed stand-up comedian, Lorna Prichard, who will bring a new and younger voice to the Anorak's worlds of fandom. Season One was mostly about Doctor Who fans and fandom. Series Two sees them open their vista to have fun with Marvel, Star Trek, Star Wars and SF/Fantasy. They've included a host of new secondary characters, more guest stars and a planned bigger budget, and special guest stars to be announced! 


Help the Anoraks team make the best possible second series!


+ Contribute to our Indiegogo campaign and get some fantastic perks!  

+ Read more about Anoraks on their website.

Watch the first season on our Youtube Channel and subscribe for exclusive content. 


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Check out the Anoraks fundraiser video:

[Source: Anoraks]

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