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24 July 2013

Could we be seeing another Doctor in the 50th Anniversary Doctor Who Special this November? Radio Times seems to think so!

Quoted from their website, RT says: 

"Doctor Who’s 50th anniversary show will feature one of the five former doctors who wielded the Sonic Screwdriver before the Eccleston reboot, RadioTimes.com understands.

According to sources, one of either Colin Baker, Paul McGann, Tom Baker, Sylvester McCoy or Peter Davison will be in the feature length special episode alongside Tennant’s Doctor and the current incumbent Matt Smith."

If true, this means we would see at least 4 Doctors in the special; Matt Smith, David Tennant, John Hurt and the as-yet, unannounced actor.

At this year's Comic Con, Steven Moffat admitted he has "lied my arse off about the 50th", so could the fourth actor in fact be Christopher Eccleston? More news as we get it!

[Sources: RadioTimes.com]

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