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20 April 2017

The BBC has indirectly confirmed our suspicions that the next actor to take over as The Doctor, will once again be male.

The confirmation comes in the form of a reply to an official complaint made by a 'fan', who claimed that switching the gender of the role would confuse his kids.

Complaints officer Joanne Coyne replied:

“We appreciate that you’re a big Doctor Who fan and you have concerns that the programme would change should there be a female doctor. Be assured there are currently no plans to have a female Doctor Who.”

DWO Opinion:

Whilst we most definitely live in a time where there could be a female Doctor Who, the question has to be asked as to whether there should be. It's very easy for any fan voicing their preference for The Doctor to remain male to be labelled as "sexist" or a "misogynist", but not every fan doing so is either. It has been established in the show that Time Lords can change gender, but perhaps The Doctor has remained male for all his incarnations because he wants to remain male and that's just the way it is?

There are some truly fantastic strong female roles in the show - the most recent of which being the awesome Bill, played by Pearl Mackie, and we wonder if there would be such prominent roles for women if the lead was changed to a female actor?

It would be a bold move indeed if the BBC did make the decision to change the gender of The Doctor, and with a new showrunner (Chris Chibnall) taking over next year, it is unlikely that this would be a decision he would make for his first season in the role.

We'd love to hear from you - let us know in the comments below or via the Forum discussion button.

[Source: DWO]

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