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26 January 2015

Subscribe To A Monthly Box Of Pop Culture Goodies for a Great Price!

Missing Christmas?  Did the Jolly ole Elf bring by lump of coal?  How about spreading joy throughout the year with a box packed full of Pop Culture goodies. A box full of items based round video games, TV, Movies and Comic Books.  

In Pop Culture Box (www.popculturebox.com) subscribers receive a one off, three month or a year subscription.  The company has been hard at work and the January 2015 boxes have been packed and shipped. The February boxes limited window to buy starts NOW. (http://popculturebox.com/shop/one-off-box/)  

Whenever possible, all the toys, comic books, games and premium items found inside the box will revolve around a central theme.  For instance, for the February Box has been dubbed “Hostile Futures”.  This highly anticipated Pop Culture Box is expected to make the receiver the envy of their Geekdom.

These boxes will be most enjoyed by fans of Comic Books, those who are Gamers and those who love Superhero Movies. These mystery Pop culture boxes will make a great gift for those on anyone's list who is always watching TV programs involving Time Travel, Space travel, Monsters and Superheroes.

Content in these boxes will be suitable for the 18 and over crowd.  The excitement begins for subscribers when these packages arrive. The Box content will vary, however, not everyone will get the same contents in their box. The boxes will all have a similar value with from time to time an added small number of random premium items in the boxes rewarding a lucky few hardcore fans.

Pop Culture Box would also like to announce that among subscribers, those who make and share YouTube video reviews Opening or Reviewing their box need only send Pop Culture Box a link to the video and Pop Culture Box will post it on their website.   

Subscription and box purchase is through a cart on the website.

+  For more information, visit www.popculturebox.com.

[Source: Pop Culture Box]

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