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15 May 2020

A new feature for the DWO News page we are thrilled to now include relevant book recommendations from new authors we have discovered. These will include themes that are similar or concurrent with those in Doctor Who and which we think would be of interest to our many readers.

We're pleased to kick off our first recommendation with 'The Loop' by Ben Oliver. Below are the book details, synopsis and purchasing information:

Publisher: Chicken House
Released: 2nd April 2020
Price: £7.99
Ages: 14+ 


Luka Kane will die in the Loop, a prison under the control of artificial intelligence. Delays to his execution are granted if Luka submits to medical experiments. Escape is

made impossible by a detonator sewn into his heart.


About the author:

Ben Oliver began writing creatively at age seven, and was promptly placed into the lowest reading and writing group at school. Frustrated by his lack of immediate success, Ben chose to step down from the world of writing. A mere twenty-five years later, and now a high school English teacher, Ben’s first novel The Loop is scheduled to be published in 2020.

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Do you have a book recommendation that you'd like us to cover? Perhaps you are an author that would love to be featured? Get in touch by emailing the DWO News team at: news@drwho-online.co.uk.

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[Source: Doctor Who Online]

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