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18 February 2020

Build-A-Bear Workshop and BBC Studios have today launched a Doctor Who range, launching a Doctor Who Bear and accessories inspired by the popular BBC series.

The Doctor Who Bear features branded blue paw pads and a blue heart on its chest.

Complete your Time Lord’s look with the iconic Thirteenth Doctor or Tenth Doctor outfits. Sport the striped top and braces worn by the Thirteenth Doctor, or the suit, trousers, glasses and trainers worn by the Tenth Doctor. Each furry friend will arrive with a sonic screwdriver in its own TARDIS gift box.

The new range is available in the UK and can be bought exclusively online at: buildabear.co.uk. The range will be launching online in the US later this month.

The Doctor Who Bear is available online now for £21.50, with outfits and accessories starting at £8.

[Source: BBC Studios]

Comments (2) -

Michelle Dixon United States
2/19/2020 3:15:59 PM #

When will this be a available in the US?

2/19/2020 3:32:47 PM #

Hi Michelle,

The range will be available to buy online in the USA later this month.

The DWO News Team

Lakeshia Heuman United States
3/23/2020 11:59:33 PM #

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