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8 April 2013

To celebrate Doctor Who's 50th anniversary, fan of the show Lewis Christian has been putting together an epic fan-collaborated/written celebratory book, Celebrate Regenerate.

Over the past 9 months, fans from all over the world (and of all ages, races and species) have been invited to submit positive reviews and articles for all of the televised episodes, right from An Unearthly Child to the current run of episodes, to be published in the book.

The project, a mammoth undertaking, is still in progress, though most of the book has now been edited. Lewis is currently accepting submissions for Series 7B, and you can get involved! For more information about 7B submissions, check the book's website here: http://celebrateregenerate.weebly.com/series-7b-info.html

On the site, you can also find out how to get your name listed in the book, and you can view lots more details about the project so far. You can also follow the links below for more information, sneak peeks and anything else to do with Celebrate Regenerate!

The book, once finished, will be published via Lulu.com and there will also be a free PDF version, allowing everyone to get hold of a copy. At over 300 pages (one story per page is the rule), it'll make for great summer reading. 

At present, there is no precise launch date, though the book is expected to be released in August 2013.

+  Website: http://celebrateregenerate.weebly.com
+  Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/CelebrateRegenerate
+  Twitter: http://twitter.com/lewis_christian

[Source: Lewis Christian]

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