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8 February 2022

Our friends over at Weird Rainbow Films have been in touch about a new comedy feature film, starring Colin Baker (the 6th Doctor). Secrets of a Wallaby Boy will be shot in Manchester this Spring, and is a modern, queer update on the cheeky British comedies of the ‘70s, such as Confessions of a Window Cleaner

When Tim becomes a courier for the app Wallaby, he reckons he can turn his life around: get fit, earn some money, and even get laid. He’s not accounted for his own haplessness, an antique teapot collection, and a sinister conspiracy.

Alongside Colin, Secrets of a Wallaby Boy stars Brandon McCaffrey and Billie Hindle, as well as recognisable faces Mark Benton (Anna and the Apocalypse, Waterloo Road, Murphy’s Law) and Laurence R. Harvey (The Human Centipede 2 & 3).

Colin has already recorded his voice role, and the animation of Bruce will be carried out by Ilan Sheady of Uncle Frank Productions

On Colin’s casting, writer/director Kieron Moore says:

“I’m absolutely thrilled to bring Colin Baker on board as the voice of Bruce. We had a great time recording with him – his hilarious performance had the team all laughing and we can't wait to share it with all of you as part of the movie.”

Brandon McCaffrey adds:

“Words cannot describe my feelings on Colin being cast as Bruce. I’m incredibly excited to work with him. He’s been a favourite actor of mine for many many years, as anyone that knows me will tell you. 

To be working with someone of his calibre is incredible, and especially on a project such as Secrets of a Wallaby Boy. I just know that this bonkers project just got crazier and I expect you all to love every single second.”

The team at Weird Rainbow Films have a significant chunk of budget already in place and are currently running a crowdfunding campaign on Greenlit in order to make the film the best it can be.

+  The Greenlit page can be found here: https://greenlit.com/project/secrets-wallaby-boy

[Source: Weird Rainbow Films]

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