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6 September 2011

On Sunday 4th September, in front of a packed Riverside Studios, Colin Baker (The 6th Doctor), proudly accepted the post of Honorary President of the Doctor Who Appreciation Society.

His surprise appearance at the "Day of the Daleks" convention held in Hammersmith, London followed a poll amongst DWAS members where he received more votes than all the other candidates combined. The post had been vacant since the death earlier this year of Nicholas Courtney, who had previously been the incumbent since 1997.

Colin received a rapturous reception from the audience, and was genuinely taken aback by both the title that was bestowed and also the response from those present.

Colin said: "I feel humble and truly delighted. To follow Jon Pertwee and Nicholas Courtney is a great honour. I am abashed and very grateful." 

[Source: DWAS]

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