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9 September 2011

Several sources have now confirmed The Complete Sixth Series box-set, due for release on DVD and Blu-ray this November.

The set will contain 6 discs in total and has a running time of 645 minutes. As well as including all thirteen episodes from Series Six, the previously available Christmas special; A Christmas Carol will also be included, as well as the following Special Features:

- Meanwhile in the Tardis feature – Five newly filmed scenes for episodes 1, 3, 7, 8 & 13, telling what happens between the episodes. (Two of which, 'Bad Night' & 'Good Night' are directed by Richard Senior, as confirmed on his agencies website). Also included are the 'Space' & 'Time' mini episodes which formed part of Comic Relief 2011.

- Doctor Who Confidential featurettes: An inside look at each episode.

- Monster Files featurettes - Get under the skin and inside the minds of the new Doctor's most challenging opponents.

- Audio commentaries.

- Trailers and Trails feature.

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[Sources: BBFC; Curtis Brown; Blu-ray.com]

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Adam Till
9/9/2011 10:53:30 AM #

5 of the titles for the mini scenes are Bad Night, Good Night, First Night, Last Night and Up All Night. The last of which stars James Corden

9/9/2011 2:34:31 PM #

It should be noted that much of this information is based upon the BBFC classification notice. Which means the Doctor Who at the Proms concert special included with the Christmas Carol DVD wouldn't be listed a second time since it was already rated by them, so we still don't know if it will be included in the box set. Back in January it was reported that one of the special features in that release would not make it into the box set, so either the full-length Confidential or the Proms is expected to remain exclusive to the standalone. My money is on the Confidential (which may still appear in Cutdown form) though I could see them holding the Proms back in order to give people a reason to keep buying the Christmas Carol standalone.

poretee United States
12/1/2011 11:19:44 AM #

great post!

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