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23 April 2011

The DWO WhoCast Doctor Who Podcast is covering the New Series as soon as it airs each week.

The podcast, which is available weekly for FREE from iTunes and the DWO WhoCast website , will be moving to Saturday evenings whilst Series Six airs, and immediately after each episode has finished, you can find the latest episode of the DWO WhoCast online, with a review of the most recent adventure.

So at 6:45pm Tonight you will find Episode #190 available for download with our review of 6.1: The Impossible Astronaut.

** Don't forget to Rate / Discuss each episode of the DWO WhoCast in the DWO Forums!

+ Subscribe to the DWO WhoCast via iTunes.

+ Download the iWho App for just £1.19, complete with DWO WhoCast Episodes!

[Source: DWO]

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