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22 February 2012

DWO are thrilled to announce the launch of our own Minecraft server, aimed solely at Doctor Who related builds.

Minecraft is a popular online game that enables players to build objects and source materials within an online virtual world.

Speaking of the new venture, DWO Editor; Sebastian J. Brook had the following to say:

"This is a fantastic new area for fans of both Doctor Who and Minecraft to come together and get creative in our online virtual sandbox. There's so much creativity amongst fans, and already within the first 24 hours, we've noticed some truly amazing builds within our world. We are extremely excited to watch the world grow and to interact with our visitors in Minecraft, and have a few building ideas of our own…"

Do you have a particular build you want to create? Perhaps a monster, set or prop from the show? Why not create it for FREE in the DWO Minecraft world!

+  The DWO Minecraft Game Server can be reached at the following address:

+  Download the Minecraft software.

[Source: Doctor Who Online]

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