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19 June 2013

DWO's upcoming, one-hour, full cast audio drama celebrating the 50th Anniversary of Doctor Who started post production today.

One Fine Time Lord - a special project for Children in Need, tells the story of the early days of Gallifrey and how one senior Time Lord, Lord Archeron has a plan to change the planet forever - with no Doctor to come to the rescue...

The production of the story took place from 3rd-5th June at Anglia Ruskin Studios in Cambridge and saw a whole host of professional actors gather together to tell the story and Colin Baker even popped up to give the guys some encouragement!

The show will be in post production over the coming months and will be free to download right here on DWO. Further details of the full story are being kept under wraps for now but Writer / Director, Brendan Sheppard said:

"There will be some surprising revelations about Time Lord culture as an old relic from the past is about to cause a serious amount of damage to the people of Gallifrey"

He also commented that:

"The cast and crew were simply wonderful and they worked extremely hard, at their own expense, to bring you this extremely special story, we hope you will enjoy it and donate whatever you can, directly to Children in Need. Who knows where this story might end up and there is the strong possibility that this might be the first of many..."

We shall keep you updated with more on this exciting project!

[Source: Doctor Who Online]

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