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12 September 2011

On Monday 19th September, David Tennant can be seen in Sky Atlantic's new comedy; This is Jinsy.

Packed with surreal sketches and infectiously catchy songs, each episode follows the adventures of the island's pompous arbiter Maven (Justin Chubb) and his beleaguered assistant Sporall (Chris Bran) as they enforce the wishes of The Great He, and generally find trouble at every turn. 

Featuring a who's who of comic guest stars including Peter Serafinowicz, Simon Callow, David Tennannt, Harry Hill and Catherine Tate, the eight-part series is set to bring bags of off-kilter charm to British screens.

In the first episode, it is wedding lottery time again on Jinsy and residents are making frantic last-minute preparations before being randomly assigned new partners for the next three cycles. Over-seeing the proceedings is local celebrity Mr Slightlyman (David Tennant), an outrageously camp wedding planner with a penchant for plastic surgery.

Fans can catch a glimpse of Tennant camping it up on the hilarious clip below:

+  This is Jinsy begins on Sky Atlantic on Monday 19 September at 10:10pm.

[Source: Sky]

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