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26 August 2011

Our friends over at the Doctor Who Appreciation Society have been in touch with details of a fantastic Signed DVD offer for the upcoming release of Day of the Daleks.

The free-to-enter launch event for this new DVD on 4th September has been full for some time. However, if you could not get a ticket, or could not make the event, you can pre-order a copy of the DVD signed by guests Katy Manning and Richard Franklin.

There is no extra charge for the signed copy which should be delivered for the release date (currently 12th September). 

To order a signed DVD (by post or online) and for more more information about the screening and the DVD release itself, please visit the Doctor Who Appreciation Society at www.dwasonline.co.uk and choose the ‘Day of the Daleks’ link. This offer is open to everyone. 

[Source: DWAS]

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