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3 January 2013

With Christmas now over, a few lucky Doctor Who fans will have found an iOS or Android-based device waiting for them under the tree. With so many great apps to choose from on the respective markets, DWO have compiled a shortlist of the Top 5 best Doctor Who apps out there!

Doctor Who: iWho
by DWO Media - £1.49 (iOS & Android)

Why not kick off with our signature Doctor Who app, providing you with all the latest Doctor Who news, as well as in-app streaming of the latest DWO WhoCast Podcast episodes, Videos, Tweets, Polls, Locations Guide and R2 DVD Guide and more!

+ Download for iOS. + Download for Android.

Doctor Who: WhoNews
by Paul Gee - £0.69 (iOS) / £0.75 (Android)

Paul Gee has created a fantastic Doctor Who News app, that pushes the latest news from over 140 websites, including blogs, podcasts and art sites. Coupled with handy push notifications, this is a must-have!

Download for iOS. + Download for Android.

Doctor Who: The Mazes Of Time
by BBC Worldwide  / £1.49 (iOS) / £FREE (Android)

What app guide wouldn't be complete without a good game?! The BBC's own offering, 'The Mazes Of Time' - a thrilling action puzzle adventure game, with over 100 puzzles in all! You can play as The Doctor or Amy Pond and battle your way through Daleks, Cybermen, Weeping Angels, Silurians and more!

Download for iOS. + Download for Android.

Doctor Who Adventures Magazine
by Immediate Media  / £FREE

At last, the #1 selling Doctor Who kids magazine, Doctor Who Adventures, has made its way to the app store. With issues costing as little as £1.99 and 3-month subscriptions from as little as £22.99, you can now get all the great content from the hard copy on your handy iOS device.

Download for iOS.

Doctor Who: WhoGuide
by DWO Media / £2.99

Another selection from the DWO Media, Doctor Who apps range. WhoGuide, provides in-depth guides to every televised episode of Doctor Who, complete with guides to all the Doctors, Missing Episodes, Locations, DVDs and more!

Download for iOS. + Download for Android.

Don't have a phone yet? Check Out our friends over at www.dialaphone.co.uk, who offer some fantastic deals on iOS and Android devices.

[Source: DWO]

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