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4 December 2013

The Doctor Who 50th Anniversary special; 'The Day Of The Doctor' has set a new record on the BBC iPlayer for the most number of requests in a 24-hour period.

A total of 1.27 million people watched the episode on the iPlayer within the first 24 hours and has beaten the previous record which was held by the 2012 Olympics Opening Ceremony.

In total, 12.8 million people watched The Day Of The Doctor, making it the most-watched programme of 2013, and was simulcast worldwide in 94 countries.

Commenting on the ratings success, Ben Stephenson (controller of BBC drama commissioning) had the following to say:

"The Doctor Who 50th was a hugely ambitious event on the BBC and it's only fitting that it has taken the top spot as the highest-rating drama across all channels this year.

It's a fantastic tribute to both Steven Moffat and the creativity of all those involved in the show throughout its history.

Next stop the regeneration at Christmas!"

+  The Time Of The Doctor airs on Christmas Day at 7:30pm on BBC One.

[Source: BBC News]

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