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4 April 2013

There's sssssomething very sssssspecial in the new isssssue of DWM!

The new issue of Doctor Who Magazine hits shops Today (Thursday 4th April), and features full previews of next few episodes to hit your screens over the next few weeks – and writer MARK GATISS tells DWM how excited he was to bring back one of Doctor’s Who’s iconic monsters in Cold War:

 “The Ice Warriors are back where they belong and I’m absolutely thrilled! Whilst absolutely respecting the source, the source has huge gaps in which you can invent. I was talking to a couple of members of the crew, and they had no idea the Ice Warriors were an old monster. It’s very powerful. You don’t need to know they first appeared in the 60s.

I thought, 'Why don't we put the Ice Warriors on a sub?'" Mark continues. "And suddenly it all clicked! The submarine set is amazing. Fantastic! The moment it's all lit and full of steam, it's incredibly believable."

Also in this issue:

HIDE AND SEEK - JESSICA RAINE, soon to be seen as Doctor Who’s original producer Verity Lambert in An Adventure in Space and Time and star of Call the Midwife, reveals all about guest-starring in the forthcoming episode Hide – and how she believes in ghosts!

WHERE THERE’S A WILLS ANNEKE WILLS looks back on her time as glam-girl Polly, companion to the First and Second Doctors – and how thrilling it was to be present at the first-ever regeneration.

THE MARTIAN CHRONICLES - As The Ice Warriors return to menace The Eleventh Doctor, DWM winds back the clock to 1967 and the Doctor’s first encounter with the Lords of the red planet. Discover a wealth of fascinating facts about what happened to The Second Doctor, Jamie and Victoria when they fought Varga on Britannicus Base as THE ICE WARRIORS is thawed out in The Fact of Fiction.

MAN AT THE TOP Doctor Who lead writer and executive producer STEVEN MOFFAT answers more of your questions – including what Blink and his his other stories were originally called...

ROAD RAGE - The Tenth Doctor and Martha Jones get stuck in traffic when they travel into the future for a visit to New Earth. THE TIME TEAM get caught in the Gridlock, but what will Will, Emma, Chris and Michael make of it all?

TRIBAL DANCE - The Doctor faces his past in more ways than one as the Hunters are revealed to be the unearthly Tribe of Gum! The Doctor, Ian and Barbara attempt to unravel the mystery in Part Four of our epic comic strip, HUNTERS OF THE BURNING STONE, written by SCOTT GREY and illustrated by MARTIN GERAGHTY.

SECOND HELPINGS - it’s 2006 and Doctor Who has become the most talked about show on TV! DAVID TENNANT is the new Doctor, BILLIE PIPER plays Rose – and the sky's the limit on the trip of the a lifetime. DWM's trip through five decades of adventure reaches Series 28 in COUNTDOWN TO 50!

PRACTICAL PARENTING - What do you do when your children swap Time Lords for another interest? JACQUELINE RAYNER soothes the fevered brow of Doctor Who-loving parents everywhere in RELATIVE DIMENSIONS.

CAUGHT IN A VACCUUM - The Watcher ponders the triangular nature of one of Doctor Who’s greatest design innovations in A History of Doctor Who in 100 Objects, jumps to the left for a Rocky Horror-themed Six Faces of Delusion and dazzles with more entries from the Stockbridge English Dictionary. Its WOTCHA!

PLUS! - All the latest official news, reviews and previews from the worlds of Doctor Who, prize-winning competitions and crossword, and, much, much more.

+  Doctor Who Magazine Issue #459 is out Out Now, priced £4.75.

+  Subscribe Worldwide to DWM from just £17.99 via Unique Magazines!

+  Check Out The DWO Guide to Doctor Who Magazine!

[Source: Doctor Who Magazine]

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