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4 January 2019

2018 was an incredibly exciting year for Doctor Who; we got our first female 'Doctor' - something that would change the history of the show, and take it into a new, exciting direction. Having now seen the entirety of Series 11 and the New Year's Day Special ('Resolution'), we are thrilled with Jodie and her awesome TARDIS team. It's just such a shame we now have to wait a whole other year until the next series. :( - I guess, though, when you really think about it, it's actually not that much of an extended wait than we're used to. The Christmas special was the only thing that really broke up the wait between series, and what makes it feel longer is the fact that 2020 - a year which, to many of us, still feels like a futuristic SciFi movie setting - is one whole year away from us, at the time of writing.

Of course, 2018 also brought with it some other key Doctor Who moments; Doctor Who On Twitch was a particular revelation, and with it saw some fantastic memes and personalities that emerged as a result. In case you missed it, we got confirmation yesterday that another Twitch run will begin as of tomorrow!

There was also the release of some terrific Doctor Who merchandise; a new sonic, new toys, clothing - and the long-awaited release of Classic Who box-sets on Blu-ray.

As for the DWO site, we are now in our 22nd year (crazy, I know?!), and we have lots of exciting things planned in this (slightly quieter) year. We are planning a full site revamp, and the return of a few features that many of you will consider to be some old favourites. Our Forums continue to grow, with over 49,000+ members - again, we will be unveiling some design tweaks on there, as well as some new guests for our popular 'Ask & Answer' section.

On social media, DWO continues to amass a large Twitter following (@DrWhoOnline); we now have over 130,000+ followers, and we plan on some exciting new content and interactivity on the platform during 2019.

In a recent tweet, we asked you to tell us some of your favourite moments / memories & merchandise during 2018, and, as promised, here are some of your replies:

As always, thank you all for your continued support of Doctor Who Online! It's hard work - especially as I also juggle it with taking care of my young family, but reading your emails and tweets is a genuine highlight of my day.

I posted a blog entry last year about some health issues, which impacted some of the regular updates on the site, and whilst I'm still getting through these, I can confirm that things are much better, and shouldn't affect the regularity of updates going forward.

I'd like to wish you all a very Happy New Year and am very much looking forward to what 2019 has in store! 

Sebastian J. Brook - Site Editor
Doctor Who Online
January 2019

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