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29 June 2012

Series 7 of Doctor Who is shaping up nicely, and with it a new wave of casting confirmations and episode title reveals.

The latest issue of Doctor Who Magazine has confirmed that David Warner, Liam Cunningham, Dougray Scott and Jessica Raine will all have guest roles in the forthcoming series, which is to begin airing this September.

It was recently confirmed that Asylum of the Daleks is indeed the title of Episode One (which DWO reported on our earlier news item on 9th May). Jessica Raine's agent's website also seems to confirm the title of the episode that she will be starring in as Phantoms of the Hex. The site also confirms she will be playing a character called Emma Grayling, and that the episode will be directed by Jamie Payne.

[Sources: Gordon and French; Doctor Who Magazine; Aaron Richardson]

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