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15 June 2013

Four stars who have appeared in Doctor Who have been awarded honours in this year's Queen's Birthday Honours.

Julian Glover who appeared in The Crusade as Richard The Lionheart, and in City Of Death as Scaroth, has been awarded a CBE.
Claire Bloom who appeared in The End Of Time as The Woman has been awarded a CBE.
David Haig who appeared in The Leisure Hive as Pangol has been awarded an MBE.
Rowan Atkinson who appeared in the Comic Relief spinoff The Curse Of Fatal Death as The Doctor, has been awarded a CBE. 

+  For a full list of the honours, visit the Gov.UK website.

[Sources: Neil MarshGov.UK]

Chantell Huelse United States
3/30/2020 9:13:26 PM #

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