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18 December 2014

Check out the new Doctor Who parody from former journalist and long-time Whovian Darren M Bane.

Dr U Who, available as both a paperback and ebook, is the ‘true’ story – or at least, one timeline’s version of it – of Doctor Who’s triumphant return to prime time television, and subsequent world domination. It reveals the ‘real’ reason behind the BBC’s historic decision to bring Doctor Who back from Hiatus, and put an end to those long wilderness years.

Inspired by the Dickens classic, A Christmas Carol, this affectionate parody provides ‘definitive’ answers to a number of questions raised by the long-running series over the years, including the “real” reason why so many alien races speak English; the truth behind the ‘missing episodes’; the real cause of the dinosaurs becoming extinct (the cyber ship with Adric on board merely scratched the surface), the unfortunate typo which prevented the tenth Doctor from properly heeding a warning which could have prolonged his life, the reason why anti-matter is called anti-matter, why sci-fi fans are sometimes called anoraks - and plenty more. Just remember, when Cap’n Jack The Lad Harmless is about, then, whatever you do, don’t wink.

Dr U Who was originally published, briefly, exclusively on Kindle until the author discovered www.lulu.com, and the means to make it available as a paperback and on a wide range of ebook sellers, without breaking the bank.

But during that initial brief time on Kindle, it was downloaded 203 times, and attracted six reviews, two of which were five-star,  three were four-star and one was three-star.

Comments from reviewers included: “Well written, affectionate, Dr Who parody. The author has a nice way with words, making this an easy read, with plenty of giggles”, “a right reveting read, clearly written by a true fan of Dr Who”, “his love for, and knowledge of, the franchise shines through in an affectionate parody,” and “the best Doctor Who parody, great satire humour.”

Darren M Bane is a middle-aged kid whose earliest memory of Doctor Who was watching Jon Pertwee in hand-to-hand combat with a Sontaran in The Time Warrior; and he’s been in love with the show ever since. While working as a journalist, he reported on, and then became a member of the crew of, a low-budget fan-made film, Soul’s Ark, which starred Colin Baker, Wendy Padbury and Carole Ann Ford.

Dr U Who is available as a paperback from www.lulu.com, Amazon, Barnes & Noble, Waterstones and others, for £7.99.

It’s available as an ebook from www.lulu.com from 99p, and should soon be available through all the major ebook retailers including Nook, Kobo, Kindle and the iBookstore.

For more information about the author, and other books he has written and is planning to, visit his website at www.dazzab.co.uk.

[Source: Dazza B]

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