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14 February 2013

Attention Collectors! The Unique Auctions Fine Antiques & Collectors Sale in Lincoln on Sunday 24th February, features a full size Red Edwin Hall Dalek.

The Edwin Hall Daleks were made in the mid 1960s and this ride (pictured-right) originally cost 20p and has room for a child to sit inside.

DWO spoke to the Auctioneer, Darryl Kirk, who had the following to say regarding the auction:

"We receive many interesting items every month ranging from collectables to Fine Antiques. The arrival of the Dalek stopped the general auction work, everyone came out to see it being lifted in. A full size Dalek cannot fail to impress, and we are looking forward to seeing it working. We have an electrician currently looking at the Dalek.

I remember playing on one these in the 1970s, and I am sure it will bring back memories for many others."

In May of 2006 a non-working Edwin Hall Dalek was sold at auction at Bonhams for £1560 inc. premium.

+  For further information call UK +44 (0) 1522 690444 or visit http://www.unique-auctions.com.

[Sources: Unique Auctions; Darryl Kirk; Terry Woodcock]

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