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27 February 2015

We Are Colony has released Emily, the provocative short film debut of renowned producer Caroline Harvey, starring Oscar-nominee Felicity Jones (The Theory Of Everything) and Emmy-winner, BAFTA-nominee Christopher Eccleston (Thor: The Dark WorldDoctor Who).

Harvey was formerly Head of Development at Mirage Entertainment, the company run by the late Anthony Minghella and Sydney Pollack, where she produced the acclaimed short film Love Me More, directed by Sam Taylor-Johnson. The two remained close after Love You More, with Taylor-Johnson donating some of her Palme D'Or prize money to fund Harvey's directorial debut, Emily


Director, Caroline Harvey says:

"Emily comes from a place of frustration: about the form of short film, the fashion for them to be silent, to be genre driven, to be bleak, to have an obvious twist in the tail. It also comes from an irritation with the way in which women are portrayed on screen. Female characters are usually rigorously pinned to a narrative by a mass of explanation and consequence: ‘she’s that way because of this and now she’ll suffer…’ - a falsehood"


"The film is about gender roles, desire, control, frustration, the lust inherent in sorrow, the lies we tell ourselves and each other, the peculiarities of being English", she continues. "I wanted to write about a sexual encounter in which no-one is attacked, hurt, contracts a disease, gets pregnant, arrested or dies. Rather, the opposite: certain encounters allow us to learn about ourselves, our limitations, what we want and need. That these experiences are as capable of healing as they are of damaging us."


Felicity Jones plays a young woman who meets a man in a coffee bar (Christopher Eccleston). The two are soon chatting about snogging, smoked salmon blinis and sexual stirrings involving fingers in ears. "I wanted to do something unexpected," Jones has said.  She also produced the film, alongside Jack Sidey and Nicholas Hatton. The film premiered at the Palm Springs International Film Festival and was nominated for Best British Short Film at Raindance Film Festival.


We Are Colony is a new global video-on-demand platform connecting passionate fans with great films, and their favorite filmmakers and talent.  We Are Colony releases exclusive special edition bundles of deleted scenes, cast interviews, making-of documentaries, production stills, scripts, storyboards, teasers and so much more. Get behind-the-scenes now at www.wearecolony.com

+ Check out the special features for 'Emily' on the We Are Colony website.

[Source: We Are Colony]

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