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6 November 2013

Our friends over at the National Media Museum celebrate fans of Doctor Who with a fantastic new exhibition which will open in the week of the 50th anniversary episode of Doctor Who, where you can discover what it takes to be a ‘super fan’.

Doctor Who’s universal reach and popularity will be on show in abundance at the National Media Museum after hundreds of personal objects were offered by members of the public for the upcoming exhibition celebrating the fans of the programme.

Doctor Who and Me: 50 Years of Doctor Who Fans (23rd November 20139th February 2014) explores what it means to be a devotee of the show in its 50th anniversary year, bringing together items that fans and superfans around the world have collected, created, drawn, assembled and purchased over the last half century.

In July the Museum made a public plea for items and stories for the exhibition, resulting in hundreds of offers including knitted Daleks from Indiana; commemorative coins from New Zealand; mum-made Doctor Who scarves from Tunbridge Wells; TARDIS telephones from Burnley and Whovian Peruvians (woolly hats with Daleks on them) from Huddersfield. 

Exhibition curator Toni Booth said:

“Over the past few weeks it has become very apparent that the influence of The Doctor extends into many parts of people’s lives – I have heard about marriage proposals at a Doctor Who exhibition in Blackpool and another fan confessing to me that in life, ‘I often ask myself: WWTDD?’ (What would The Doctor do?). The stories and objects in the exhibition will show just how intertwined into their every day lives the Doctor has become for so many people.”

In addition to a vast array of objects loaned from the public, the exhibition includes fans’ own stories and experiences relating just how much they love Doctor Who and why, how they have organised themselves, produced fanzines, attended conventions around the world, and now make use of the internet and social media to discuss the programme.

Doctor Who and Me: 50 Years of Doctor Who Fans also shines a spotlight on a small group known as ‘superfans’; people for whom time, money (and often living space) is of no concern when it comes to demonstrating how much the programme means to them. Toni added:

“We have visited a number of superfans at home and they have simply incredible collections of Doctor Who-related objects. We hope to give a real insight into this ultra-dedicated few, as well as display the objects that mean the most to them from the hundreds of items they have amassed.”

The Museum would like to thank everyone who has responded to its request for objects, highlighting the delight and comfort that people get from Doctor Who. The Doctor has been there for them for 50 years and looks like he’ll be around for quite some time yet.

[Source: National Medial Museum]

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