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30 March 2015

Our friends over at Planet Folkestone will be bringing the first Folkestone Film, TV and Comic Con to The Folkestone Academy on Saturday May 9th 2015

Formally Geek Fest, FFCC is an epic celebration of TV, Films and Comics with guest signers, costumers, props, a body painting jam and much much more.

Some of the current guests include:

Tom Baker (The 4th Doctor) - £15.00 per Autograph
Nicola Bryant (Doctor Who) - £15.00 per Autograph
Jeremy Bullock (Star Wars, Doctor Who) - £15.00 per Autograph
Virginia Hey (Mad Max, James Bond) - £15.00 per Autograph
Robert Llewellyn (Red Dwarf) - £15.00 - per Autograph
Normal Lovett (Red Dwarf) - £15.00 per Autograph
Lee Sullivan (Doctor Who Artist)


Adults £7.00

Children £4.00
Family Tickets £20.00 (2 Adults and 2 Children)
Tom Baker Question and Answer Tickets £12.00 Each (Adult and Children are the same cost)
Under 5 years old Free

IMPORTANT NOTE - If you plan on attending the Tom Baker Q&A Session you MUST purchase both an entry ticket and a Q&A ticket. If you only have a Q&A Ticket when you arrive at FFCC you will be asked to purchase an entry ticket at the door.

1 Adult ticket & 1 Tom Q&A Ticket or 1 Child Ticket & 1 Tom Baker Ticket

Supported by the The Roger De Haan Charitable Trust, Absolute Graphix and OYFE Productions.

The event will be raising funds for Folkestone Rainbow Centre and Alzheimers Society.

+  BOOK TICKETS on the Planet Folkestone website.

[Source: Planet Folkestone]

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