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22 January 2014

At this year's Toy Fair, Titans Vinyl Figures have unveiled the figures for their upcoming Doctor Who Gallifrey and Geronimo collections.

From the Geronimo Collection we have the new look Cyberman and the Wooden Cyberman as seen in the 2013 Christmas special The Time Of The Doctor, Clara in her ‘Souffle Girl’ outfit, Rory the Last Centurion, a terrifying Whisper Man, The ‘Monster’ Doctor from The Crimson Horror, John Hurt’s War Doctor, Amy Pond, a shape shifting Zygon, an Ice Warrior, and everyone’s favourite Sontaran butler Strax!

And from the Gallifrey Collection we have The Tenth Doctor in his Sanctuary Base 6 spacesuit and his TARDIS, which someone has graffiti’d with the words ‘Bad Wolf" - with more to be announced!

View a gallery of the upcoming figures, below: 

Enlarge Image Enlarge Image Enlarge Image Enlarge Image
Enlarge Image Enlarge Image Enlarge Image Enlarge Image 

[Source: Titans Vinyl]

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