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31 January 2014

With the reveal of The 12th Doctor's outfit earlier this week, we have been inundated with requests from fans wanting to know where they can buy it. DWO have done some digging, and we are thrilled to unveil our first 'Get The Look' guide!

View our image to accompany the guide, in the right-hand column!

Get The Look: The 12th Doctor 

by 'Crombie'
'Retro' Coat - Dark Blue with Red lining
Available at: www.crombie.co.uk

by 'Crombie'
Navy Merino Wool
Available at: www.crombie.co.uk

by 'Loake'
'Brogue' - Black, smooth leather
Available at: www.loake.co.uk or www.britboot.co.uk

by 'Crombie'
White, 'Tommy Nutter' long-staple, cotton poplin
Available at: www.crombie.co.uk


by Unknown Designer
Dark Blue

There have been online disputes questioning the designer of the boots, with the BBC initially reporting they were Dr Martens. DWO can confirm that the boots are in fact Loake's, and Peter Capaldi got them himself. Nicholas Roumana, the store owner of the Camden Town branch, told The Telegraph:

“Peter Capaldi came in a week or two before Christmas and said he was looking for a pair of smart dress boots. I suggested this one, because not only is it very smart, it’s exclusive to us and made in England. It’s a great boot. He bought it in size 10.”

What do you think of the costume? Leave your comments below, or in the DWO Forums!

[Source: DWO]

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