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24 February 2013

Doctor Who celebrates its 50th anniversary with plans of some specially commissioned dramas, one off episodes and a few other treats along the way, but what about the fans?

Doctor Who’s older enthusiasts that have risen through the ranks of the BBC have been bringing the show to life on television. Other fans have been looking after the production of Doctor Who Magazine, the Big Finish Productions and all sorts of other Doctor Who related things! Then there’s you – the fans who have been keeping the passion of the show alive by watching it, buying it and talking about it until your face literally turns a TARDIS shade of blue!

Independent production company FTS Media are getting involved in the celebrations, with their film ‘Doctor Who: Celebrating 50 Years Of Fandom’. They say on their website:

‘Doctor Who fans are like no other, devoted to the Time Lord and his companions, but vilified for their passion. We want to know why. Why so much enthusiasm, and why do people think it’s so different to any other hobby? Where other documentaries have lingered on the negative side of fandom, we want to celebrate the passion that lies within fans of Doctor Who, and how their passion managed to keep the’ show alive. We’ll explore how Doctor Who fans have incorporated their devotion into everyday life, from writing blogs and books, to those who make it their mission to collect every TARDIS Teapot, Dalek Duvet and Cyberman Clock!’

FTS Media will be speaking to Who fans from all over the world as well as well-known Doctor Who faces, such as Robert Shearman, and the most recently announced Louise Jameson who played Leela, companion to Tom Baker’s Fourth Doctor. They’re also planning on speaking to Adventures with the Wife in Space creator Neil Perryman and also ‘The Wife’ herself! 

They launched a funding campaign on Kickstarter, which has been a great success – but they are still looking for a little bit more! With just 4 days left at the time of writing this, they still have some fantastic rewards available in return for your support, ranging from key chains and pin badges to signed books and beautifully hand crafted items! They also have a range of specially commissioned art prints titled the ‘Doctor in the Dark’ series, and these are definitely worth getting your hands on!

If you want to find out more about the contributors, or to pledge your support to this fantastic project, just visit http://bit.ly/FTS-DW50.

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[Source: FTS Media]

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