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6 September 2011

Fandom features website Hypable have been in touch regarding their latest interview with Doctor Who Director, Peter Hoar.

Nicholas Myers (NM) -  Now that Doctor Who has been renewed for another series, would you like to return as to direct another episode? Have you been asked already?

Peter Hoar (PH) – I haven’t been asked as yet but wouldn’t turn down a great offer!

NM – How much did you know about River in order to gauge a feel for how best to deliver the ending? Did Steven inform you of anything prior to filming that we don’t know?

PH – Steven tells us only what’s in the script. I had no idea for example of the recent developments in ‘Let’s Kill Hitler’. And that’s the truth!

NM – This episode featured quite a cliff-hanger. What is your all-time favourite Doctor Who cliff-hanger?

PH – Sarah Jane being left behind at the end of Hand of Fear or Tegan being left behind at the end of Time Flight.. Maybe there’s a pattern here…

+  Read the full interview with Peter Hoar at Hypable!

[Source: Hypable]

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