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13 April 2012

Karen Gillan has officially joined the Twitter Social Networking site.

Fans can now interact with Karen through her Twitter account (@KarenGillan2), which has also been confirmed by co-star Arthur Darvill (@RattyBurvil) and Showrunner, Steven Moffat (@Steven_Moffat).

It is beleved that DWM scribe, Benjamin Cook (@Benjamin_Cook) may have had a slight hand in helping convince Karen to join during the current filming block taking place in New York, and he's apparently working on getting Matt Smith to join also, so watch this space!

Please note that anyone else claiming to be either Karen or Arthur is an impostor, and only the accounts listed above are official.

+ Check Out The DWO Guide to Doctor Who on Twitter.

[Sources: DWO; Twitter]

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