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21 July 2013

Ex-Doctor Who Companion, Karen Gillan, has stunned fans at this years San Diego Comic Con by unveiling her bald head, after shaving off her hair for a new film role.

Gillan (who still looks just as gorgeous without hair as she does with hair) appeared at Comic Con on Friday sporting her trademark red hair, which, on Saturday, she admitted was in fact a wig!

Karen unveiled the new look at the Marvel press line for 'Guardians Of The Galaxy', in which she plays the role of villainous pirate, Nebula. The movie is due for release in 2014.

She follows in the footsteps of he ex-Doctor Who co star, Matt Smith, who shaved off his hair for a role in Ryan Gosling's upcoming directorial movie debut in 'How To Catch A Monster'.

Gillan can most recently be seen in Brit comedy movie, 'Not Another Happy Ending' in which she plays struggling author, Jane Lockhart. For more information on the movie, check out the trailer below or visit the website, here.

[Source: Fraser Davies]

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