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27 November 2011

In September 2011, BBC Three controller Zai Bennett cancelled the Doctor Who Confidential programme as a cost-cutting measure. Confidential was a programme that went behind the scenes of the making of the BBC's flagship drama, Doctor Who. It also covered various events in the series for broadcast on BBC One, and provided a full disc of extras for the DVD and Blu-Ray box set releases.

A highlight of the last series was the 'Script To Screen' segment in which schools were encouraged to enter a competition to write a script that would be filmed and broadcast on Confidential - the mini-episode would even star Matt Smith.

After the cancellation, a huge campaign to save the show was initiated by fans of the show leading to a petition with fifty-five-thousand signatures and support from various members of the industry, including the writer Neil Gaiman.

A group of Doctor Who Podcasters decided to write and record a song about the cancellation. The collective eventually became known as 'No Touch Pod'.

Tony Gallichan from the Flashing Blade and DWO WhoCast podcasts wrote the tune and some of the lyrics, aided by Karen Dunn from the Staggering Stories podcast. Then a good number of podcasters from around the world recorded their own take on the song. These were then assembled and the music track recorded by producer Chris Adams.

It must be stressed that the song is not intended as a serious protest record. It is a bit of fun, a gentle parody of the 'Doctor In Distress' record from nineteen eighty five. Several 'Who Celebs' have contributed to the song, including the writers Nev Fountain and Stephen Gallagher, and the 'Voice Of Axos', Bernard Holley.

However, whilst light hearted, it does make the point that Confidential is a source of inspiration to both children and adults. It shows them how their imaginations, which have been fired by Doctor Who, can be harnessed to create, to write, to produce music, film and literature. Indeed, the people both behind and onb the song have all felt that inspiration from the shows.

The petition to save Confidential has been presented to the BBC Trust and can be found here: http://www.petitionbuzz.com/petitions/savedwc

The song, avaliable in several versions, as well as the video, can be found here: http://www.netconjurer.co.uk/confidential/

[Source: DWPA]

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