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4 February 2013

Doctor Who fan and friend of DWO, Luke Spillane, recently started his very own (rather cool) YouTube web series on the history of Doctor Who, called 'The Beginner's Guide To Doctor Who'.

We caught up with Luke to chat about the series, which has already received a total of over 10,000+ views, and asked him to describe the catalyst behind the project:

"I've been a Doctor Who fan for as long as I can remember - throughout 'The Wilderness Years' when no other kid in the playground wanted to reenact Destiny of the Daleks! 

Since Doctor Who came back in 2005 there are now so many more fans my age and a lot of them want to learn about older Doctor Who, what happened, what were the Doctor's like and all the connections to the new series. The Beginner's Guide to Doctor Who is my attempt at helping document the whole show through a series of videos on each Doctor's era; what each Doctor was like, the companions that he travelled with and the adventures they had. There will also be additional episodes on the missing episodes of Doctor Who, the Extended Universe in the books, comics & audios and even my very own short film in late September. 

I wanted to do something to celebrate the 50th anniversary and what better way then to go back and revisit all of the fifty years of history through this year, and why not share that with an audience that want to learn all about it."

We will certainly be tuning in each month, and hope you do too! Check Out the first two videos in the series below:

[Source: Luke Spillane]

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