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16 December 2011

Speaking in the latest issue of Doctor Who Magazine (442), Doctor Who Showrunner, Steven Moffat had the following to say regarding the recent Doctor Who movie rumours:

"The very brilliant David Yates was talking off the cuff and a little prematurely: there simply are no developed plans for a Doctor Who movie at the moment. But it's an incredibly exciting idea to get that magic blue box flying across our cinema screens, so stand by for further developments.

However, if and when the movie happens, it will need to star television's Doctor Who - and there's only every one of those at a time. And it would need to come out of the same production operation that makes the series. Doctor Who is a vitally important BBC brand with a huge international audience and not even Hollywood can start this one from scratch.

So sorry if there's been any confusion, but on the plus side it has reminded us all what an exciting prospect this could be. Whatever happens, the BBC and BBC Worldwide will work together to ensure that we don't just get a movie, we get the movie everyone wants. But keep asking me about it - maybe I'll surprise you with an answer!"

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[Source: Doctor Who Magazine]

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