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11 May 2011

Doctor Who Showrunner, Steven Moffat, has spoken out against fans who leak spoilers of the show ahead of transmission.

Speaking this morning to BBC Radio 5 Live, Moffat had the following to say regarding the recent plot leaks that were posted online for the series 6 opener:

"You can imagine how much I hate them, it's only fans who do this, or they call themselves fans, I wish they could go and be fans of something else."

"It's heartbreaking in a way because you're trying to tell stories, and stories depend on surprise, so to have some twit who came to a press launch, write up a story in the worst, most ham-fisted English you can imagine, and put it on the internet. I just hope that guy never watched my show again, because that's a horrific thing to do."

"Stories depend on shocking people. Stories are the moments that you didn't see coming, that are what live in you and burn in you forever. If you are denied those, it's vandalism."

On a personal note, hearing Steven speaking about this was quite upsetting, as you could clearly hear how deeply hurtful it was to find out that so called fans of the show could do this. We remember reading the plot twist at the end of 3.11: Utopia, and wishing that we hadn't. It was after that point that we made the decision to be a spoiler-free site.

Following today's comments, we are going to be extra vigilant against spoilers, and are taking the drastic step of making our online forums completely spoiler free. We originally partitioned off any spoiler related discussion on our online forums to a specific section to enable the rest of the forums to be 100% spoiler free, but as of right now the Spoilers and Speculation section of the forum has now become the Speculation forum, and all spoilers removed.

We are aware that a portion of fans will be angry at this decision, but owing to the fact of how much we love this series, and the work everyone puts into it, we feel this is the right thing to do.

+ Join the DWO Forums for Spoiler-Free discussion of Doctor Who.

[Source: BBC Radio 5 Live]

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Simon Davis United Kingdom
5/11/2011 10:28:47 AM #

Brilliant decision.  The spoiler is the curse of the modern TV world and I can't see why anyone would want to know, in advance, what is going to happen on their favourite TV show.   Be that Corrie, Eastenders...The Apprentice... or my personal fave, Doctor Who.   Keep up the good (spoiler free) work!

Dale Who United Kingdom
5/11/2011 10:55:43 AM #

I think SM's comments are entirely valid and fair, and personally I'll be happy that there'll be at least one site I can now go to in the run up to each season where I don't have to dread tripping over these spoilers.  Well done, Steven, well done Seb, and well done Doctor Who Online.

Christian Ainscough United Kingdom
5/11/2011 11:35:20 AM #

Makes perfect sense to me !

Yvette Moore United Kingdom
5/11/2011 2:47:43 PM #

Quite right! The producers work long and hard to give the viewing audience a great story every week of the season. It undermines that work when 'fans' spill the beans and it's not always possible to stay away if you're in fandom (whatever that fandom might be). Personally, I do like spoilers! But I completely respect those who don't, and they need somewhere safe to visit, where they definitely won't be spoiled. Well done you!

Tony Malone Ireland
5/11/2011 3:02:24 PM #

I have to agree. The moment at the end of "Day of the Moon" was fantastic and I would have hated myself and any publication that told me about it beforehand!
I agree with River, Spoilers are bad, even if we really really want to know, it just ruins things.

jadoo2 United States
5/11/2011 4:52:01 PM #

very nice post, i certainly love this website, keep on it

Caleb Ross Canada
5/11/2011 5:27:54 PM #

I can agree with this completely. I remember how the day after Rory's first death occurred, my brother accidentally told me what had happened (I hadn't seen the episode) and I was so devestated. I wanted to find out on my own so badly. It's the same with anything. I'm spoiler prone for games, but aside from that I fight them like the plague. Thanks for making the comment against them I couldn't agree more. Also thank you for what you're doing to the forums, it's a great idea.

Gregg Campbell United Kingdom
5/12/2011 3:22:52 PM #

I'm glad you've made this decision. Nothing bugs me more than reading of a plot twist of an up and coming episode. Bloody tabloids are the worst. I try to avoid them whilst Doctor Who is on.

Gally56 United Kingdom
5/14/2011 4:57:34 AM #

Yep fully agree with this part of the enjoyment of Doctor Who is the plots' suprises so well done to all involved on this decision

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