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20 May 2012

Writer, Neil Gaiman and Director, Richard Clark have scooped up an a win at this years Nebula Awards for their work on the Series 6 story; The Doctor's Wife.

The award was won in the 'Ray Bradbury Award for Outstanding Dramatic Presentation' category, which also signifies the first time Doctor Who has ever won at the awards. It was the only television episode to make it to the category and was up against stiff competition from The Adjustment Bureau, Attack the Block, Captain America, Hugo, Midnight in Paris, and Source Code.

On winning the award, Neil Gaiman (@NeilHimself) took to Twitter with the following words:

"Just won a Bradbury award at the #nebs2012 for The Doctor's Wife. Thanked everyone, including Verity Lambert and Sydney Newman. #glowing"

Gaiman also tweeted a picture of the award [pictured right].

Steven Moffat (@Steven_Moffat) congratulated the pair via Twitter with the following tweet:

"Hey, you two! FANTASTIC news. Doctor Who has never bagged one of those, tho' we've tried. Clearly we needed YOU."

Richard Clark (@rclarkie) replied with the following tweet:

"Too kind. It's not everyday you can claim to have stolen a march on Scorsese AND Woody Allen. Giggle."

DWO would like to extend its congratulations to Neil, Richard and the whole of the Doctor Who team on winning this fantastic award.

[Source: SFWA]

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