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7 April 2013

Open auditions for 'One Fine Time Lord' - a brand new 45 minute full cast audio drama starring some familiar faces and... YOU?

It’s official! Doctor Who Online have teamed up with Children in Need, the production crew involved in the new series of Doctor Who Online Adventures and two top radio drama producers to produce a unique, one-off, 45-minute Doctor Who audio drama spin-off to celebrate the 50th Anniversary, titled 'One Fine Time Lord'.

This, however, is the best bit - we are now looking for actors & actresses both young and old to audition for the various parts! No specialist experience is required as it is an OPEN audition!

The auditions will be held in Cambridge on 27th-28th April 2013, so if you ever fancied having a go at acting - NOW's your chance!

You will only be required on ONE of these days and if you are interested in getting involved, here is the information you will need:

What type of cast is the production team looking for?

-  Male Actors aged between 14-17 and 35-70 if you are in your 30-40s you must be able to turn you hand to playing this age and older! (Please note that if you are aged between 14-17 you will require a chaperone, we will not audition you without one.)

-  Female Actresses aged between 20-40.

-  We are looking for standard British accents (how very Gallifreyan of us).

Ok! Ok! I’m interested how do I get an audition?

You will need to book an audition place with one of our Producer’s (email below). Auditions will take place in front of a panel of up to 4 people including our cool Director! You will be asked to do three things:

1) We’d like you find a famous speech and adapt it. Instead of reading it in it’s original context you will be reading it out to a panel of senior Time Lords! So maybe you could find a speech from a King or Queen? A piece of Shakespeare or maybe a hero of your own and then give it your all.

2) We will obviously be finding out a little about you and why you’ve come to audition but we will also get you to read sections from the script.

3) And the third... Well the third we’ll keep a secret until the day but it will involve improvising!

These auditions will be fun so don’t feel nervous and we will let you know on the day if you have been shortlisted. Please note that you may be asked to come back and do joint readings with other hopefuls but shortlisting does not guarantee you a part.

Auditions should last around 20 minutes per person (depending on the response).

The recording date for 'One Fine Time Lord' will be: June 3rd/4th and possibly 5th, it will be recorded in the evening, not during the day - the recording will also take place in Cambridge.

Should you have any further questions or to book your place please email the producer Kim Bates: kimberleymbates@gmail.com

Good luck and book EARLY to avoid disappointment.

[Source: Doctor Who Online]

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