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4 August 2013

Famed photographer, Rankin, has just confirmed he has photographed the new actor to play The Doctor, ahead of tonights Live unveiling on BBC One.

Rankin tweeted the news on Twitter this afternoon, but also let slip that the actor is male (not that we doubted it):

"Just photographed the next Dr Who for tonight's announcement. Let me know what you think of the photo? He's going to be an ace Dr."

Some further detective work on Rankin's 'recently followed' list on Twitter, lists DWO's own choice to take over the role, Aneurin Barnard (The White Queen, We'll Take Manhattan). It could very well be a coincidence, however.

All will be revealed tonight at 7pm!

+ Doctor Who Live: The Next Doctor airs in the UK on Sunday at 7pmBST on BBC One.
+ Doctor Who Live: The Next Doctor airs in the USA on Sunday at 2pm ET on BBC America.
+ Doctor Who Live: The Next Doctor airs in Australia on Monday at 4am EST on ABC1.

+  Follow @DrWhoOnline on Twitter!

[Source: Twitter]

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